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Arguably the clearest demonstration of "libertarian utopia" is a shopping center parking lot - and anyone who thinks that is any kind of workable blueprint for society, is certifiably insane.

The biggest problem with parking lots is that there are no real rules - only suggestions - and people can and do drive pretty much any way they like. This means there is never a day without a few near-misses, and actual collisions are far too common. (Because of the no-rules factor, the police do not require a police report for parking lot accidents - but they will insist that the parties exchange insurance information.)

So anyway, I managed to navigate the usual hazards in my beat-up old subcompact, until it came time to go home. I started to pull out - then saw that someone else was pulling out also, in my direction, and rather fast, and in a larger car (a small SUV, I later found out). So I did the sensible thing - I stopped, and expected him to stop also. He didn't stop, and collided with my bumper.

We both popped out of our cars to see what the damage was. I had picked up a few more scratches - no big deal for that old thing. But he had broken a rear lens, and started going off on me and blaming me for "causing" the accident. A witness told him flatly that it was his fault, because I had started to pull out first and he should have seen it and waited.

The next thing I did was a mistake - I got back in my car, got out of there and went home. Next thing I knew, a county trooper turned up at my door, wanting "my side" of the story and scolding me for leaving the scene. He handed me the other guy's identification and insurance info, told me to call my insurance company, and left.

(Yeah, yeah, I know - "white privilege". But these days no sane person wants anything more to do with any sort of cops than they can possibly avoid.)

So I just finished jumping through all those hoops too, and I'm entirely fed up with the whole mess. AND with anyone who's a sucker for the "Libertarian" spiel about how fewest rules are best.

The hell you say.


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