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We’ve talked about the worst things people have said to you since you’ve had cancer which oddly wasn’t as funny as I thought it was going to be. Turns out people can be downright mean. They can also be wonderfully kind, caring and compassionate and I thought we could dwell on that tonight.

So here are some of the really nice things that people did for me when I got cancer.


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~I was going to take a car service to and from the hospital for my surgery (it’s what I do) but a friend of mine just wouldn’t let that happen. When I needed another surgery 10 days later she said “What time do we need to be there?”

~My friends arranged sort of phone trees between themselves to update on how I was and to coordinate bringing me meals. Twice they had to do this. Most bought me portions large enough to eat for more than one day.

~ Two different people at 2 different time bought bags of groceries. All of the holistic things I like to eat.

~One friend brought dinner, scented candles, magazines and thank you notes, all in a lovely basket.

~One of the anesthesia nurses ran interference for me in my second surgery, with a new anesthesiologist so I didn’t have to argue again for the drugs I wanted. (I fell in love with that woman! I wanted her to be my new best friend.)

~A guy from work ran interference at the radio station my show was at, knowing I didn’t want a bunch of people over at my house he kept avoiding the subject of “What is her address?”

~Some people went to great lengths to cut up fruits and veggies and leave them at my door without knocking.

~One of the nurses at my surgeons was so kind and gentle as she redressed me several times a week after my visits.

~Many, many people left me alone a lot more than they were comfortable with because they knew that’s what I really wanted.

~My Physicians Assistant took every phone call from me even if I was calling because I was worried about what I might have said in surgery.

~A friend of mine who admitted he is no good with yucky medical stuff hired lawyers who prevented B of A from taking my house while I was down and out. Even bigger than that, he came to a support group where the yucky medical stuff was talked about just to support me. (About a year later his wife got cancer also so I like to think mine was prep work for him.)

~My neighbors helped me take my trash out.

~Many of my clients paid me even though I didn’t work for a few months. When I started boarding dogs while I was still a bit out of it but well enough to feed and pet a dog, my clients either hugged me when they left or said goodbye and put one or two hands on their heart. I just love that gesture.

 photo handsonheart2_zpsdcbdc21e.jpg

So what were some of the nice things people did and said to you?

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