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After the global economic meltdown that began with the housing market collapse in 2008, the gaming industry took a serious hit. Obviously, as personal incomes and credit lines diminish, people begin to exclude luxuries from their budgets, and gambling just so happens to generally be considered a luxury. Following massive foreclosures and plummeting housing prices, Las Vegas saw gaming revenues drop from an all-time high of $12.8 billion in 2007 to $10.4 billion in 2009 and casino magnate Kirk Kerkorian saw his net worth decline from $16 billion in 2008 to $3.3 billion currently. Notorious right-wing Palazzo and Venetian owner Sheldon Adelson also saw his net worth decline from $30 billion to $2 billion in that same time frame. Things were looking bleak and the previously lucrative positions in the gaming industry no longer seemed so desirable as tips became far and few between with the general decline in economic health. Yet, in recent years the casinos in both the United States and China have seen remarkable growth and visitors have returned to the tables and slots in droves, making now the perfect time to investigate a career in the gaming industry. Many don't understand the sheer insanity of working in a casino as jobs that are normally low paying positions elsewhere in the world become opportunities to make well over $100,000 a year and the provide some insight, here is the low down on the top five jobs to get in the gaming industry.


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river belle online casinoCocktail Waitress
Sadly, this occupation generally applies to women only except in a few unique circumstances, so sorry fellas, you will have to skip ahead. Cocktailing has been a staple for women looking to make fantastic money with relatively little experience or education and the sad reality is that the more attractive one is, the better the money becomes. The job simply entails taking drink orders for gamblers at the slots and tables and delivering them, and cocktails are free for gamblers and they customarily tip at least a dollar per drink. Due to the complimentary nature of the drinks, there is no cashiering involved, no change given and simply free drinks delivered for tips. Usually lower end casinos provide minimum wage and a likelihood for $100+ a night in tips, but larger and more upscale resorts such as the Wynn or Aria see cocktail servers take home $800 or more a night, but those jobs are usually reserved for women deemed the sexiest. Good luck!

To put it simply, alcohol greases the wheels of gambling. Drunk people tend to gamble, and subsequently lose large amounts of money and that interrelationship makes bartending a profitable venture. Female bartenders can tend to make more in tips, yet male bartenders still make a respectable living and can surpass six figures at busy casinos.

Casino Host
Casino hosts have one job: to help big money visitors spend more money. Their job can be likened to a personal shopper, as a host is assigned to VIP hotel guests and its their job to make that guest feel special and wanted at that specific casino.

Whenever there is a big win at the tables, a dealer is usually getting a hefty tip as many gamblers feel indebted to the man or woman who dealt them the winning card. Poker dealers who work the World Series of Poker have been known to make a year's salary in the event's three months.

Casino Corporate
Ultimately, the best job security is becoming an executive at a casino. The best way to do that is to work in the gaming industry in some capacity and do an amazing job. It sounds too simple, yet the gaming industry remains one of the few areas of business where a degree is not necessarily required to ascend the corporate ladder. For example, The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas' CEO John Unwin began in the Olympic Hotel in Seattle unloading trucks.

Run Your Own Casino Site

Many people are running successful online gaming palaces these days such as the river belle online casino you can easily set up a new site using affiliate marketing software just google “setting up a casino business” these gaming houses online cover all the real life games and with the fact you play against people all over the world they are a big draw and a great way to get yourself earning.

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