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As the news reports ramp up the rhetoric, and all outlets appear to be girding their loins for "war-reporting", it would be a good time to pause.

We have been here before. We have been here in every conflict since the end of the Second World War, and every time it has proven problematic.

Most recently we have to learn the lessons from the War in Iraq, even if the country doesn't have the appetite for any procedures that might make criminals pay for their crimes.

Even if we accept that the President had an arguable case for that decision, and many don't accept any such thing, it cannot be said that the United States of America is currently under a significant or imminent threat of attack by Syria.

Our borders, and our people are secure. What the President is, rightly concerned about is the security of the people of Syria. That is a noble cause, and he should be able to argue the case and be assured of a fair hearing.

However, the Constitution does not appear to give him the authority to take preemptive action, even if the Administration did just that in Libya. An act of war, conducted preemptively when we are not under attack, is a critical decision, and Congress is charged with authorising such an act.

When all you appear to have is a hammer, and we do have a very big hammer indeed, it is tempting to view every problem as a nail.

Diplomacy and International Relations should not simply be conducted by Tomahawk Cruise Missiles. The citizens deserve to learn why their children will be committed to war, before they go, wherever possible. It is not credible to attack another country from outwith its borders, and just hope that you can retain full control of the outcome. No country can do that.

If we launch missiles and air strikes at Syria, we have no idea what will be the outcome, either long or short term. It will not be simple and it will not be painless ... nor will it be cheap.

Mr President. If you are seriously considering a military attack on Syria, then you simply must recall Congress before such an attack. Go to Congress and make the case. On this occasion I can assure you that the Networks WILL carry it!

Make your case, have the debate and if you get the go ahead ... take command of the military and give it our best shot.


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