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no matter the delivery mechanism...then I have a few suggestions for practices that I think need to be brought back into common practice.

Death is death...so it shouldn't matter, in terms of capital punishment, whether you die by lethal injection, shooting, hanging, or are drawn and quartered.  Who cares? Death is death.

Death is death...so let's just legalize chemical weapons already.  Hell, guarantee them under the 2nd Amendment.  If I have a right to stand my ground, I should be able to do it with sarin gas.  Better not come after me, bub...you'll get yours.  And why should you care? Death is death, after all.


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Death is death...so from now on, we should ignore any death that might occur at the hands of forced labor camps, political prisoners, terrorist attacks, rape, torture, and any other of these so-called "crimes against humanity."  Doesn't really matter, does it? Death is death.

Death is death...so spare me those arguments from those of you who think the terminally ill and in grotesque pain should be able to "die with dignity."  Screw it...no matter what the pain, no matter what the emotional and financial cost, deal with it...hey, death is death.

Death is death...whether it happens you are kid shot in an elementary school or an old man of 95 dying in your sleep.  The "delivery mechanism" doesn't matter, so any perception problems you might have with kid being gunned down are your own problem, because that kid is that same as the 95-year-old.  After all, death is death.

Death is death...only when it comes to what passes for progressive thought.  Because if we all lack the imagination and critical thinking to understand why the use of chemical weapons against children might just be a little different...might not just death as usual...might not even be the same as dying by bomb or bullet...and that there was a legitimate reason to ban those type of weapons in the first place...

then progressive thought is truly dead.

I wish I had an answer for the horror of Syria, nearly two years running now.  And I am opposed to intervention by the U.S. because I don't see it as having any sort of outcome that doesn't do more damage to the region.

But I do know that poo-pooing the use of chemical weapons -- whoever used them -- as falsely equivalent to other sorts of dying is a sad state of affairs indeed.  Over the past few days I've read countless comments that seem to disregard a chemical attack as no big deal, without examining that it actually is a big deal...one that needs to be thoroughly investigated, to be sure.  

We can only hope that it is before this gets any worse.

But if it isn't? Eh, no big deal, right? I mean after all, death is death.

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