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Just because Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate threw his support behind a potential run for Governor of Wisconsin by Madison School Board Member Mary Burke doesn't necessarily mean that Burke will have a clear primary field. In fact, Joe Kallas, who ran against Tate in the DPW Chair election last year, has thrown his support behind Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris, another potential Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

Kallas commented on this blog post by Ed Garvey about how he'd like to see Harris run against Walker:

Mark Harris who is the county executive in Winnebago County should be the Democratic candidate for Governor. He has a great command of the issues and most of all has been successful. We have to take the gloves off and go after Walker and expose him for what he is; a fraud. He lies about everything and we have to point that out to the public over and over again until they see it. Next we have to make sure everyone who needs an ID to vote, gets one. Make it a grass roots campaign and get people excited and involved in the political process again. Finally, go after the 50% of the people who refuse to vote because "they are all crooks." If we can get 5% of them to vote Democratic, Walker loses. Walker is on the wrong side of almost all the issues. If we can't get that across to the voters, then we can't win. Walker is beatable but it will take a lot more than money to do it. It will mean that the candidate will have to reach out and make the all important connection with the voters. It takes time to do this along with a coordinated effort. We should be doing this now. Where is the leadership? I agree with Ed. Doing nothing is a pretty lame strategy.
Furthermore, Kallas seemingly indicated in a comment on this blog post by Dennis Kern that he thinks that Harris will run against Walker:
I don’t understand how Harris’ entry into the race seals the deal for Burke. When people see the two together, they will support Harris.
It will be interesting to see if Mark Harris goes through with a run against Scott Walker. Mike Tate and Mary Burke have been allegedly trying to pressure Harris into not running, but Joe Kallas seemingly indicated that Harris will likely go through with a run against Walker.

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Originally posted to Aaron Camp on DailyKos on Thu Aug 29, 2013 at 06:02 PM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive.

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