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I was reading "City & State" a local news blog that gives information on politics in New York City & State when I came across this which is a link to a New York Times story:

A Political action committee backed by billionaire David Koch called New Yorkers for Proven Leadership will start running television ads supporting Republican Joe Lhota’s bid for mayor this week, The New York Times writes: http://nyti.ms/...

Joe Lhota has worked for Rudy Guiliani and recently made headlines when the MTA shut down 2 subway lines to save 2 kittens who had been seen on the tracks.  The kittens were saved but Lhota felt that they should not have been saved and the subway lines should not have been shut down to do this.  He is also for Stop & Frisk, monitoring Muslims and will keep Ray Kelly as Police Commissioner.  He would be a return to the Guiliani years on steriods.  He is also responsible for the $15 toll it costs to go over the VZ Bridge to SI when he was head of the MTA.  Additionally, he has called Port Authority Police (who lost 38 members on 9/11) "Mall Cops" and told a 77 year old Holocoust survivor "to be a man."  From what I've seen and heard from him, he'll be another Bloomberg and after 20 years of having Republicons in City Hall we don't need another dictator.

Lhota is opposed in the GOP side of the Primary by John Catsematidis, a supermarket magnet, who is related by marriage to GOP NY Chairman Ed Cox.  Cox, is married to Tricia Nixon (Tricky Dickie's Daughter) and their son is married to Catsematidis's daughter and George McDonald who heads The Doe Fund.  Currently Lhota has a large lead over both Catsimatidis and McDonald and will probably win the Republicon Primary.  

We'll have to make sure that the Koch Brothers don't get their way in the general election in November.  There's a lot of dislike for Lhota on SI because of the bridge toll so I don't see him winning this borough except that many Islanders still hold Guiliani in high regard, nor will he win Brooklyn, Bronx and Manhattan.  The only borough he may take is Queens but even that one's questionable and, when the Dems come together after the Primary next week, he may not even win that one.  


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Originally posted to Rosalie907 on Thu Sep 05, 2013 at 12:30 PM PDT.

Also republished by Knowledge Democrats.

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