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In New Jersey the future of Democracy and it's party is on the line. In a state President Obama won by 17.7 points, today, Senate Leader Barbra Buono is behind.  To, a guy who has endorsed ‘a wild eyed zealot’ for US Senate, cut budgets insulted workers and owners... Imagine who he would pick to The Supreme Court.
    Look at the numbers. They are sad but early. This race should be won by the D's.

New Jersey Governor - Christie vs. Buono
Polling Data
Poll    Date    Sample    Christie (R)    Buono (D)    Spread
RCP Average    8/1 - 8/27    --    54.7    30.7    Christie +24.0

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  Yes, gaze, weep and then make up The Democratic and PROGRESSIVE mind. To, do a full court press for the New Jersey Governor's seat. Beyond the principle and exercise alone, The fact is, Senator Barbra Buono, cut in a progressive pragmatic mold of Former NJ Gov Whitman and Speaker Pelosi will make a far better Governor than the incumbent 'a Jekyll and Hyde’ movement conservative', just itching..
    Hard Tea Party types don’t want him and many will stay home to slow him in Jersey, if given a reason.   Senator Barbra Buono is an historic leader, who will ‘Get the Job of Jersey Done’.  Without looking over her shoulder to hear what claptrap Rush and Rand, Rubio and Cruz are spouting this week to measure tact.    

   The incumbent does not require this ‘stepping stone' in his bid for the nomination in ’16.  Indeed a loss will do him and more important the country good. He really needs to focus full time on his national ambitions with the Republicans. He can play off the loss. ‘Oh I really let her win.’ Fine.  
     But, For Women and Democrats this is a make or break 'moment of truth'.   Can we drive the governing and electoral narrative or not. If not there must be absolute heck to pay.  Senate Leader Barbra Buono did her job. She won the Democratic Nomination for Governor of New Jersey.
    Now. From Hillary to Oprah from Michelle to Jada, from Beyonce to Katy to Madonna The Ladies of the Democratic Senate and House? This is political job number one, this year. - Quiet as it has been kept.
      While a defeat will be seen as a grievous loss of face for women, imagine, the joy of victory, this November, with The Boss and Jay Z  on the stage with Governor  Elect Barbara Buono. Wow.
     The proposition, that a woman, can and will serve; fight hard for the privilege. - Is, on the line.   That, her team backed by DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz,  has the steel, will, presence of mind and nerve to go really big for it, today stands in question.
What is the problem?
 Will we 'go hard'  in an unyielding fashion against a worthy big time conservative rival in a Blue state, that went near 18 points for Obama or not.  This is too easy.

     With The war on Women and Voting Rights on the line the stakes are too high to just take a pass. What is going on?  
    Trueness to the game is required.  Rise up. Emily's List and all related groups 'make some noise'. This, 'a decisive pre - test' of political will going into the nationals.   Make no mistake, gender politics of is wrapped up in this outcome. And where is progressive media/  Really, just put her on the air for 'equal time' her opponent is all over the place.
     Demand several debates. Sen Buono is fine smart telegenic she easily handles herself. She needs a fair chance.  
Early poll numbers, are just that. Some told President, Barrack Obama, loudly 'You can't win!'  He said, 'Yes We Can.'  This is a real moment.
    In Virginia Terry is ahead. NYC looks good. Here is where focus and hard work is required.    
       For sure, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama have very little to prove.  Together they represent.
    But there comes a time when we have to go above and beyond to make it clear, we are not just here as some kind of pleasant company and sounding boards. To make the point like Sen Hillabrand 'We have original ideas, things we want done and are determined to do. We really do have the power to enforce our political will.'
 Look, see past the predictable media drum; beating defeat over a woman. One who has earned the right to run hard and win big.
   Beyond good government Buono's election is a matter of important political principal, in today's environment of open war on women. Her win, will put a strong momentum in Place for Wendy Davis to take Texas and more. The stakes could not be higher, with the House and all the 'hijacked' state legislatures up in '14.
    Yes. Democrats may still lose, to a wired, shrewd and savvy incumbent  Even as he eyes past NJ. –   which is also insulting. 'The Garden State' deserves a full time Governor and he cannot be it. The man, looks, to want to much to be President.  
      The bottom line? To come up short after deploying the full arsenal of the Obama  Clinton Hollywood Harlem Chicago National OFA and DNC operations is one thing. But to just, 'roll over'... Well.

   Look again. This is a 'poll of shame.'  To change it? Heads must get in the game,  with bodies on the ground and  hands knocking on doors.  


New Jersey Governor - Christie vs. Buono
Polling Data
Poll    Date    Sample    Christie (R)    Buono (D)    Spread
RCP Average    8/1 - 8/27    --    54.7    30.7    Christie +24.0
Fairleigh Dickinson    8/21 - 8/27    700 RV    50    26    Christie +24
Monmouth    8/15 - 8/18    777 LV    56    36    Christie +20
Quinnipiac    8/1 - 8/5    2042 RV    58    30    Christie +28
All New Jersey Governor - Christie vs. Buono Polling Data
There is work to be done, a winnable election to be won.
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