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I kicked around featuring a Breitbart piece lauding Russia's anti-gay law, given the hilarity of wingnuts holding up Putin as a role model for anything. But ultimately, I focused on the other big non-Syria story of the week: Obamacare implementation. So today's source material:

Breitbart screencap of story,
As the grassroots support for defunding Obamacare continues to grow and the implementation of the individual mandate rapidly approaches, it’s time to hear from the most important people when it comes to why Obamacare is bad law: it’s time to hear from you the American people.

On Tuesday, September 10th, conservative leaders are to rally at the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol to tell Congress once and for all: it’s time to exempt America from Obamacare.  This important event is headlined by Senators Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz, as well as a number of Members of Congress and other conservative leaders.

If only there were, like, 40 Congressional votes to defund the law passed by Congress, then affirmed by voters at the 2012 ballot box. But never fear, Tea Party central is on it! You just know Marco Rubio is seething for not getting an invite to this oh so very "important" event of a bunch of cranks wailing against a law that's on the books, whether they like it or not.

How supportive are the crazies? Head below the fold for the answer.


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Obamacare isn't really about health insurance for the masses, it's a giant welfare program.
So the fact it provides health care for the masses is just what, an accidental side effect?
Can anybody name one law that remained discussed by the public as bad law for over three years? That in itself should indicate that it's bad law and should be repealed.
I don't think "the public" means what you think it means.
This was never about access to healthcare. It is about:

1. The destruction of the private insurance industry.

2. Locking down the best healthcare on the planet under the Marxists thumbs,

3. Eventual failure, so that single payer can be implemented.

We are 51st in the world in infant mortality rates. We spend the most as a percentage of the GDP on health care, yet ranks 37th in performance. So, uh, maybe not so "best"?
Obamacare is the single worst law passed in the last century. It was passed by coercion. lies and bribes. And it has not even kicked in. Just wait until it does. Then we will have to "eat our peas" while Obama eats lobster thermador.
Eating peas is worse than Hitler.

R&R and ANTI-American, COMPULSORY COLLECTIVIST "healthcare."

Hmmm, interesting. Please, crazy person, tell us more!
Obama is as a VENOMLESS mamba. It threatens you, you can literally grab it by it's tail whip it in circles and spank it against a stone.

BUT... the mamba IS VERY VENOMOUS! What gives it it's venom? The "better" evil. One Romney fang... one McCain fang... and lotsa little REPUBLICAN teeth. The "better" evil republicans MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE TO RESIST THE MAMBA and gives it a venom that PARALIZES IT'S VICTIM, rendering it motionless and easily swallowed.

Obama is NOTHING without the CONTROLLED OPPOSITION of the LEFTIST republican party.

Did I say "interesting"? I meant hilarious! Anything else?
Conservative" Rand "playin' the game" Paul:

ENDORSED Romney (over his own father BEFORE the convention)
Supports amnesty (treason)
Supports swarming drones IN AMERICA (as long as they're, wink-wink, "approved" by an UNCONSTITUTIONAL secret court)
Supports UNCONSTITUTIONAL intervention (while POSING as a noninterventionist).

Just imagine when the IRS comes looking for gang members to pay their fair share for Nobamacare. You think it will be considered racist?
If you want to win this argument then call it ObamaTax. Stop calling it care!
Don't call it what it is, because if we do we lose!
We, THE PEOPLE, will not comply with this tyranny. Come and make us [...] They can find me in the Appalachian or Rocky mountains. My address is: lock, loaded and ready.
Pulling a Unabomber might be an effective way to avoid getting affordable health care.
If Tom Coburn of Oklahoma does not vote to defund Obamacare, he owns it. I don't believe he will win reelection without a vote to defund Obamacare. He has lost my vote because of his stance.
He won't win reelection because he's retiring. Which is funny. Once upon a time, he used to be the bleeding edge of crazy in the GOP Senate caucus. Now he's middle-of-the-pack, at best. And by 2016, he will be downright moderate in comparison.
Exempt America from the tyranny of rationed medicine and death panels.
Huzzah the freedoms of medical-related bankruptcies and misery and death caused by lack of insurance -- things that actually exist.
If Obamacare is not defunded by the House, it will be the straw that tips us into a depression, as its worst effects will be settling in right around the time the Fed ceases quantitative easing and the markets crash. The defunding of Obamacare is our last chance, and if Obama chooses to punish America for it by shutting down the government, let him.
Remember when raising taxes on the rich would lead to a depression?
what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Unless your once great nation is being ran by a two bit affirmative action chitcago pimp. Go phuck yourself Barry!
Um, right. If someone has health care, everyone should have health care. So lighten up! You're getting what you want!
Not one dime to a republican until they fight the fight against Obamacare and the Demonrats! Take our freedoms back folks! Let's all unite, let's impeach Obama, let's vote out every commie!
Don't forget the "no dime for a Republican" thing! It's the most important part of your very thoughtful and effective plan.
This protest, and those speaking at it must be respectful, intellectual, compassionate, and on point. This must not turn into a bunch of angry, spewing, fire-breathers of contempt. This rally must be done for, and solely for the media. You are preaching to the choir of those assembled, so don't try to score cheap political points. Speak and act like every syllable will be broadcast on MSNBC.

DO NOT say or do anything that will be the 14 second clip that will be shown on the MSM that makes us look like crazies! MEDIA SAVVY, PEOPLE - learn it!

Didn't you see? Cruz and Paul are speaking! So, uh, impossible.
What do we have to do to get our elected officals to listen to us the people. I cannot vote for any Dem. and I am tired of holding my nose when I vote GOP.
Winning an election usually helps. But for you, I recommend rest and relaxation. On every Election Day here on out.
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