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This chemical weapon burned the skin off of an Oakland protestors foot:

The Rubber Ball Blast Grenade

The Rubber Ball Blast Grenade is a maximum effect device as it delivers up to three (3) stimuli for psychological and physiological effect: light, sound, and chemical agent or OC.

However, as with any pyrotechnic device, fire- fighting equipment should be available.

The purpose of the Rubber Ball Blast Grenade is to minimize the risks to all parties through temporary distraction or disorientation of potentially violent or dangerous subjects.


Again, this was tossed on the ground between the feet and caused second degree burns to the top of a peaceful protester's foot, costing Oakland $500,000 in damages.

In fact, lots of people were injured by the use of chemical weapons fired at protesters.

Many won lawsuits that ended up costing Oakland over$1,500,000.

And who can forget the Scott Olsen incident where, after Scott was nearly killed after being hit in the head by a tear gas cannister, the police dropped a flash bomb in the middle of the group trying to rescue Scott?  Heartless, hateful, brutal, potentially lethal, unwarranted

In the beginning of the linked vid above, the police announce "CHEMICAL AGENTS WILL BE USED"

Ok, the police did not use a chemical agent that kills hundreds like sarin gas, but can the US achieve the moral high ground because the chemical agents used in the US only injure and maim?  

Didn't the US actually give the green light to repressive regimes to use similar chemical weapons against their peaceful protesters?

Today Turkey is exploding with protesters again because another young protestor was killed by a tear gas cannister.

There is so much, or enough, conflicting information about who used a chemical weapon on August 21 in Syria that it is hopeful the Obama administration and the world will take some time before actually striking Syria, if at all.

That said, where is the moral high ground needed for the US to be the judge and jury of what is happening in other countries?

The US has used radioactive DU ammunition that has devasted Iraqis.
Cluster bombs, Afghanistan
Agent Orange, Vietnam.



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Others have asked this question, too:

The US Has No Credibility Dealing With Chemical Weapons

The controversy over Syria's chemical weapons stockpiles is not new. Both the Bush administration and Congress, in the 2003 Syria Accountability Act, raised the issue of Syria's chemical weapons stockpiles, specifically Syria's refusal to ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention. The failure of Syria to end its chemical weapons program was deemed sufficient grounds by a large bipartisan majority of Congress to impose strict sanctions on that country.  

Indeed, neither of the world's two largest recipients of US military aid - Israel and Egypt - is a party to the convention either. Never has Congress or any administration of either party called on Israel or Egypt to disarm their chemical weapons arsenals, much less threatened sanctions for their failure to do so.

Had the US required Syria's neighbor, Israel, and Egypt to disarm their chemical and biological weapons, is it possible that Syria would have, too?  We'll never know.
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USA has the moral high ground

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