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Ok, I know this is Florida but this is just embarrasing... If you are a coward and woman hater with other predjudices, this is the town for you.   Look at this local arrest newspaper in Sanford, Florida and shake your head along with your fist.   Some of the crimes or so called crimes committed that the Sanford Police act on boggles the mind and then the more serious the event, the lesser charge they seem to get.  Check this out.


Police said the women were drinking together at His and Hers Lounge when they decided to go to a friend’s home. On the way to the home the two began to fight and when they arrived the fight turned physical. Police said during the argument one woman pulled out a knife and stabbed the woman approximately 12 times.

Lasasha Nikole Charles was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and taken to the Seminole County jail

Not attempted Murder.....BUT aggravated battery.  

Moving right along...


Police arrested a 27-year-old Sanford man Tuesday after they said he pushed a woman onto a bed during an argument.

John Thomas Cullum, of S. Shirley Avenue, was charged with domestic violence battery and taken to the Seminole County jail

That one boggled my mind.  Pushed her on a bed?  
Police arrested a 29-year-old man Saturday after they said he choked a woman and pushed her into a bathtub.

Bernnis Arturo Torres Sanchez was charged with domestic violence battery by strangulation and domestic violence battery. He was taken to the Seminole County jail.

Read more: The Sanford Herald - The Crime Report Sept 11 2013

No one dies from strangulation so battery charges and not attempted murder?  

Police arrested a 44-year-old Sanford man Sunday after they said he grabbed a woman’s arm and sprained her wrist.

Martin Ryan Brookins, of White Magnolia Way, was charged with domestic violence battery and taken to the Seminole County jail

Grabbing a wrist, and strangulation equals the same thing I guess.

I agree they all should have been arrested which explains why they couldn't bother with an IPAD being broken and an alleged punch by George Zimmerman to an elderly man.   Don't arrest him, he didn't push anyone on a bed or anything !!!!

Bigtime theft here  !!!!!

Police arrested a 34-year-old Altamonte Springs man Sunday after they said he attempted to steal a drink from 7-Eleven on S. Orlando Drive.

Police said while searching for the stolen drink inside the man’s vehicle they also found a bag of marijuana

And this one is amazing !!!

Police arrested a 52-year-old woman Friday after they said she created a disturbance at Red Lobster on Towne Center Boulevard and pushed a child in a stroller.

Police said the woman became upset when a mother sitting near her table shook a rattle at her child. Police said the woman told the mother to stop and then walked over and pushed the stroller with the baby sitting inside.

Nihal Mahmoud Hafez was charged with disorderly conduct and child cruelty without great bodily harm. She was taken to the Seminole County jail.

She pushed a stroller.. not bumped it maybe?  Look at that woman's last name !!!
Maybe she was arrested for not being white or christian enough...

Now all I am saying is there is a dead body last year.. A death of a 17 year old.. barely 17 and Zimmerman did not get arrested.  Push a stroller and you are going to the big house.  I think I could have handled Mis Hafez without police intervention.

I am saving the best for last on the Sept 1 Arrests.

Check this big time criminal out....

Disturbing the peace :

Police arrested a 77-year-old Sanford man Wednesday after they said he was causing a disturbance at the Rescue Outreach Mission on Historic Goldsboro Boulevard.

Police said the man was not welcome at the mission but returned to eat dinner. When police attempted to remove him he would not leave and yelled at police, “No you will go to jail.”

Philippe Marc Angol, homeless, was charged with disturbing the peace and taken to the Seminole County jail.

Read more: The Sanford Herald - The Crime Report Sept 1 2013

I wonder why an elderly homeless man was not welcome at a mission and could he have some mental issues?  
I am so embarrased .. Embarassed enough to start a group called The Sanford Shame and it's residents.  There was a little good news.  Sanford loves dogs.  They displayed it on a billboard

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