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I've been up 2 hours and haven't heard 1 car go by. I live in the center of Erie, six or so miles due E of Boulder. Many of the roads out of town are shut off.

Just heard a truck go by.

I fear a friend just up Boulder Canyon in 4 mile lost his house, this is a photo of it yesterday morning.

They had a 10 foot high surge of water go through last night, and then the gage got swept away. Ten feet would reach up to the windows and with debris and cars and trees I think the house is probably down in Boulder in pieces today.

Being no one's fool, Thursday he walked up to a neighbor's house that is a hundred feet higher taking his wife and 3 year old.

A good day not to drive, I think most problems are from people driving, no need to go anywhere. Most roads for miles around are cut off. When I look at the road closures it sounds near impossible to go much of anywhere in a very large area. There are closures even as far out as Thornton. W of Interstate 25 and north of Interstate 70 all the way up to and beyond Fort Collins I'd say off the top of my head.

Another friend in the evacuation area of Downtown Boulder reports a flooded basement but not much else, still has beer and single malt.

Another acquaintance was evacuated via National Guard last night from the Old Stage Rd area which is just behind the first bit of hills W of N Bldr. His vid has kids crying and a power pole shorting out, looks like an unhappy ride in the back of an army truck.

The dreaded surge never came to Boulder Creek last night, rain is slowing this morning.

I'm following the Boulder Camera Twitter which seems to have the most up to date info. https://twitter.com/...

Today is Friday the 13th

Starting to hear some cars, that means the bridge over coal creek is still good out to I-25, unless they are only driving locally that's the only road I could imagine still good. Maybe S to Route 7 also.


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I'll add to diary as I find anything of interest or until jan4 wakes up this morning and starts adding to her diary.

Road closures bldr county http://www.dailycamera.com/...

Sheriff said last night in the early AM things were getting better, I do think that was about the height of nastiness.

Obama declared county a federal disaster area.

Fourmile Canyon water level table showing surge, the gage is just downstream of my friends house, looks like it reached 16 feet, canyon narrows to nothing again and again, nowhere for water to go.

From NYFM's link to Estes Park FB page in comments, (about 12 comments down)

This is about how it looks in many of the canyons leading into the mountains.

6:55 AM PT: National Guard Convoy headed past barricaded road to evacuate the town of Lyons which has been pretty much cut off from all traffic for a full day.

7:56 AM PT: US 36, the only limited access highway into Boulder now open into Boulder but not out of town.


8:49 AM PT: Over 14 inches so far, intermittent rain through day, less Saturday, more Sunday. It ain't over till it's over.


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