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I woke up on the cold leather couch this morning with a stabbing pain in my neck. The night still haunts me. I survey the room for clues to explain the last 6 hours and 23 minutes of my life. Breakfast consists of a handful of stale Cheetos strewn across the coffee table, followed up with the final few ounces of warm beer from one of the bottles lined up like soldiers along the edge of the table. My dog is staring at me, and wondering why the food bowl is empty. I return the stare, and eventually loose the contest. She wins. She always wins.
I can’t kick this overwhelming sense of sadness that consumes me this morning; that kind of sadness that makes everything else in life unimportant. Why take a shower this morning? Does she care about how I smell? Love stinks, so why shouldn’t I? You hand your heart to her on a silver platter, she wants gold. You tell her what you need from her, she ask you to get in line.
Do words matter anymore? I don’t know.


I exist within the coordinates of my own conscientiousness. Sentient and fixed in space, the universe passes through me from every direction, washing away my emptiness. Overwhelmed with discovery, I use my senses to bring meaning to what I’ve chosen to be witness to.
You engulfed me at light speed. I reached out to touch your face, hoping to slow you down for just a moment. With my best efforts, I smelt your sweetness. I could taste your innocence. Your words soothed me. But, it was the vision that I saw that made the wait worth several lifetimes. Alas, I have but one life, and I choose to spend it with you.

love you only

She wins. She always wins.


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