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If someone wants to write a blog on the web, the writer has many choices. I write on 3 or 4 on a regular basis and I now have my own site. To blog here is special, lots of people read the Daily Kos. Its a place that feels like home for a person who thinks as I do.
After reading the few comments, I feel I should respond to several statements. I laughed when someone said I was "looking for pity". I wrote the true story about my son because I am trying to get Washington State to change the current laws on holding Mentally ill people. People have died at the hands of young men with illness just like my son. I'm a pest to the Doctors but my son now is being sent to a long term drug treatment center. I take no credit for this but my loud mouth has made them aware of my dangerous son. I have friends, I don't care what the reader thinks of me.
I graduated from high school in 1967. I went into the Army and trained as a medic in Texas at Ft. Sam Houston.. I was in Vietnam by February 1968.
I was assigned to the 40th medical detachment one time and the 36th another time. When my first tour ended, I went to Alabama to receive dental training and went back to Vietnam.
I have lots of pictures of very cute kids playing with my pet gibbon. During my 24 months in country, It wasn't tough to say I had seen hundreds of bodies. I never said they were all ours. Add in the civilians,
I have on my DD214 records of awards from the South Vietnamese Government and my Bronze Star.
I am being paid at a 100% service connected disability level from the VA and have been for over 10 years. I have P.T.S.D. and  Parkinson "s  from Agent Orange. I would think the VA would check my service out before writing letters about me that they did.
My friend did build the school in Oregon with his rich friends, no tax dollars were used.
I am a True Blue person all the way who reads all the Republican material I can find.
In business your taught to know more about the product your selling against than they do. Republican plans are simple: cut spending. They hate our President so much it has to be racism. I haveheard many say Roe will be overturned and Abortion will be illegal.
Brown people will be sent home. Voting rights will be set back to the pre civil rights era. And the Lord will once again run this Country.
Bear with me on my paragraphs  and use of commas. I have Gadgets to install which does all this work for you. I am in a boxing match with Parkinson "s and it does mess with your head. Writing is one way for me to fight back and land a punch once in a while.
Again, I would prefer to talk about the problems our Country has. If I need to send proof of something so I can play, I will!


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