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I live in the city where Microsoft is based. There are neighborhoods in my area where I live that would take your breath away. Homes with gates and fountains(colored water) music plays outside one house. Every house has cars that cost what my house cost when I bought it. If you run 4 blocks  down the street your in my neighborhood. No gates here. I used to think of our neighborhood as middleclass now I guess we live in the slums. I know my neighbors and all seemed to be working and be doing what middle class people do. One neighbor lady would always bring us day old bread or something from the store, she called It "Gleening"
I am making small talk with her and ask how her husband is and she breaks into tears.
I quickly kick myself and assure her whatever Is happening is none of my business. She openly says her husband has given up on trying to find work and is trying his luck in North Dakota with all the energy work. She says thousands are trying to find work there. you need a skill they need. Her husband doesn't come close. He got a job in a restaurant washing dishes. She is a proud Republican and would never ask for food stamps. I said "Mary you have 3 kids, how are you getting by?"
The Lord says its fine to eat throw away food. Do you know what people throw away in dumpsters?" she asked.
I  mentioned neighbors should help each other so another neighbor and I filled her food shelf. We promised not to tell her husband, She has breast Cancer and I have yet to figure out how to talkher into getting help.
Words matter. Rush and Sarah and the nice folks from Fox have done a  great job convincing my neighbor that its evil to get help from anything tied to the Government.
I wonder how many  God fearing Republicans are in our country right now hungry and in pain because of what they heard or saw on Fox. When did the Republicans loose their
soul?  Are they all so arrogant that they feel its the Hungry persons fault they need food
or medicine?
Democrats care about people of all colors and incomes: Republicans don't.
The questions asked at the end of life are very simple
ones:Did I love well? Did I love the people around me,
my community,the earth, in a deep way?" And perhaps,
Did I live fully? Did I offer myself to Life?
-Jack Kornfeld


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