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Ok once more it's time for me to beat everyone over the head again about math.  I know my posts are not as exciting as many but it's the bottom line.  

I just put a post on my blog relative to the Occupy Movement on the Press Conference and the release of the "Occupy Finance" book being released.  This is monumental as in 2 years the group educated themselves and learned all about banking and had some great help too.  

Everyone needs to do this so you understand how math models works as nothing changes until the code running on servers 24/7 is changed..that means Government needs to learn how to model and keep up with what the other side is doing..ie. nuts that we have a lawyer running the SEC too, need a technologist backed up with lawyers so we have it backwards..more Killer Algorithms today on the markets and the SEC is using pencils and paper instead of their digital format to post company financial data, so what's up with that as they put in in a few years ago to use.


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I have to read the book myself as well but did embed it in this blog post and you can also download it, all the links are there for help.  Seems to make sense to read it and take advantage of it since the book will not make one cent in profits.  It's a tool from those who spent the last 2 years getting educated and taking a break from the park, however the park is where the Press Conference will be.  

Occupy Wall Street, The Alternative Banking Group Releasing New Book “Occupy Finance”–Press Conference and Presentation at 10:15 In Front of Zuccotti Park, Tuesday September 17th 2013

You might also want to visit the blog “mathbabe”…Cathy O’Neil to read some additional comments.  She’s having a great day today (yesterday) as she has some history with Larry Summers from a few years ago being a quant who did his math models…here’s a couple lines from her blog post about the announcement we all heard yesterday.  

This is especially meaningful since the woman doing the presentation was the former quant for Larry Summers and if you had read any of my stuff using Cathy's videos then have heard her loud and clear so she should all smiles tomorrow!  

I wrote quite a bit along with my own interpretations from 2 years ago which I called the Attack of the Killer Algorithms which result when we are duped and there's links to my Algo Duping page and Cathy is one of them.  Funny today on Twitter even the federal employees are embracing "Killer Algorithms" with recognizing that's what's delaying their paychecks:)  It's all math and code so the more you learn the better we can battle back and this does not mean you need to become an expert, but just watch and read and become aware of the mechanics of how all this works.  

On another related topic, John McCain makes the perfect "poster child" for Congress restoring the Office of Technology Assessment, a non partisan department to help educate them when they need it...hmmmm, like kind of all the time (grin).  I got out there a bit the day he was bragging about his poker game and tweeted this right back..probably got ignored but can't blame one for trying, but it's same topic, education and it's much worse at their levels as we all suffer.  Did you know that 84 senators still rely on all paper methodologies and  don't use the digital programs the Senate provides..what's that tell you?  Tells me we will always get low tech solutions for high tech problems...and they don't get it as they don't hands participate in a lot of consumer technologies.

Senator John McCain: Another Demonstration of Why Congress Should Reinstitute the Office of Technology Assessment, When Education Takes Place, Less Distractions With Boredom And More Respect for Consumers…

Again, very good show for the Occupy Group by all means!  

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