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If you can make someone afraid, you can control them. And that was the National Rifle Association’s tactic: Create fear among gun owners that the government would be grabbing their guns if any type of gun legislation passed.

Wayne LaPierre instilled widespread fear that universal background checks would lead to a national gun registry, which critics said would lead to taxes on guns or confiscation.

Even though 91 percent of Americans supported universal background checks, lawmakers were unable to pass such an initiative through Congress because people were being control by their fear, by Wayne LaPierre.

The massacre at Newtown was something Wayne LaPierre used with delight to stir up emotion and gin up the fear that any day now the government would be right by to grab guns. Profits for the gun industry soared, and Wayne LaPierre basked in the spotlight as he spread his fear-mongering across the country.

Well, surprise, surprise — the NRA itself has spent years secretly creating a database with information from tens of millions of Americans who do not hold a membership. Guess that little detail slipped Wayne’s mind. When you are out fear-mongering, you do tend to have your mind on other stuff, such as profits, which the gun industry has raked in, thanks to Wayne.

 Three million Americans are members of the NRA, but the database has information from tens of millions of people, NRA lobbyist Richard Feldman told BuzzFeed. NRA officials refused to share an exact number or go into the detail about their data-collection methods, but documents obtained by BuzzFeed indicate that the NRA may have bribed state officials into turning over their lists.

In 2009, a firm called Preferred Communications asked the Virginia State Police to purchase the names of concealed carry permit holders “on behalf of the National Rifle Association.”

“Can you please let me know if you offer 2008 and/or 2009 names?” the group’s representative wrote in a message. “Can you please let me know the address to send the check to and also whom to make it payable to?”

Officials in Arkansas, Oregon and Iowa also reported requests for such lists.

See your fear is being sold to the highest bidder and will be repackaged and sold right back to you so you will go out and buy even more guns and ammo.

The NRA’s database gives the organization the ability to contact tens of millions of gun owners to lobby their causes and, of course, sell them their own fear, because as we all know, fear is quite easy to market and very profitable for Wayne LaPierre and the gun industry.

 “That’s what [the feds] are after, the names of good, decent people all over this country, who happen to own firearms to go into a federal database or universal registration, every lawful gun owner in America,” LaPierre said in a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. “That’s their answer to criminal violence… are they insane?”

Really Wayne, really, tell us again how you are grabbing gun-owners fears so YOU can make a profit...Profit over People the NRA and Republican Way


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