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statue of Jesus with hand to face
Hey you !!! Yeah You.   You know who you are.  The one with the cross around your neck demanding the Front pew  on Sunday morning listening to hate speech !
What are you doing?

Why are you  bullying and killing people?  You do this and demand the ten commandments be placed in courtrooms.  What are you doing?  You are not representing me.

What part of do no harm to any man by word or deed did you not get?
How many of you phonies have visited the jails and what is this about starving the hungry?  I see you walking around shooting little kids, my favorite creation, with electricity !!!!  What gives you that right?  Who do you think you are?  Me?  I would never do that.

Now let's get to the graven image thing.   The money.  All that money with ordinary men on the face with 'In God We Trust".  Are you insane?  Do you think I don't know your graven image is about that dollar and the God you are trusting is the money.

Why are you destroying my oceans and planet with your filthy pollution causing all kinds of havoc with nature?  What part of being good stewards of the earth did you not get?

What is up with you not wanting to not feed the hungry?  Clothe the poor?  Who rewrote all this?  Not me.  

Why are you not loving your neighbor because he or she is different from you?  Did I say Love your neighbor as yourself?   There was not Except or unless written.  

Why are you feeling the need to carry all manner of weapons about you...do you think I can't do the job of protecting?  I can't as long as you are doing my job.  Knock it off.

When I said I knew the very number of hairs on your head, do you not think I know your name, where you live and what you have done?   I know how many hairs humans have do you think I forgot the color of the skin?  You call youself lovers of me?  I laugh.

You cannot pick through my words and use them against your fellow man to suit your mood of the minute.  

What is up with all of the judging but hiding behind that necklace with a cross and meeting up with the deacon's wife and the Sunday school teacher's husband?  
Hypocrit !!!!

Why are you poisioning the people with slime for food?  Mess with me and I will take you down to bread and water ..after all that is all you were promised...NO.. not the ones you don't like .. you hypocrits.  You who possess a form of Godliness but deny the power thereof.  

I am sick of your wars of nonsense.  I am tired of you hurting mankind.  I am tired of your judging.  I am tired of shoe salesmen and politicians alike getting everything I said all wrong and beating good people over the head with lies.  Lies you have woven from my best seller.  By the way, why is that book for sale?  It was supposed to be free.

Did I not tell you to love one another?  Why all the hate?  That is not my book I authored..Oh yeah and speaking of authors.. It is not me that is the author of confusion.
So who are you reading?

If I can put a coin in a fish's mouth for  the tax collector, how come you rich hypocrits can't pay your fair share and then  worry so much about taxes.;. Yeah I am talking to you Rich folks ..who think they can outsmart camels and needles  and those who think they are hiding their God  in foreign lands..  

Why are you storing up so much treasure here on Earth?  You will not be here forever and then it's me and you kid.

Tell me ..Make me understand how you screw up the part about the Golden rule?  To treat others as you want to be treated.  ARE YOU SADISTS?  You like waterboarding, and all means of torture?    I am so fed up with you.

This conversation we will have again unless some of this nonsense stops only it will be on my home turf.  Trust me.. We will talk about this !!!!

Heads up liars and hypocrits....Maybe just maybe things are warming up down there thanks to you ,to let some of you start getting used to the heat.  Trust me the final destination is pretty warm for the damned.

Don't talk about me like you really know me...Don't be confused after all this when I look at you someday and say Depart from me ..I never knew you.   Maybe then for all eternity you will get it.  FAITH ..HOPE AND LOVE... THAT'S IT.  The greatest is LOVE in my whole book AND YOU EVEN MESS THAT UP...



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