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These diaries are for trading recipes, hints, tips, tricks, and workarounds for eating well while poor and/or disabled, since they go together in America these days.  It's not about the politics that keep us down...there's other diaries for that. If you want to know what I'm dealing with, please look at the FSG:Prequel diary here. Trolls have high nutritional value; first come, first served, and share the meat with everyone.
We don't make enough money to waste food. But leftovers are part of life; sometimes something makes more than we thought, or the person who usually wants seconds is eating light tonight.

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Around here, leftovers fall into two categories: "Things Dad Will Eat" and "Things Dad Won't Eat".  If it's something Dad will eat, it will reemerge sometime that week as a meal for him, while the rest of us enjoy jambalaya or pork stirfry without him. He is perfectly happy to eat beef and noodles a couple times in a week, so that works nicely.  If it's something he won't eat, usually I mark it on a card and stick that on the fridge, so J knows if he wants to forage at midnight what's available. Failing that, I will probably eat it for breakfast before I go donate plasma; I need a proper meal, and leftovers work fine.

Usually, though, we don't have much left over; I plan for four, and we get four portions out of it. But sometimes there are leftover ingredients. We use chopped onion so much (that being one of the few vegetables I can eat) that having half an onion left over just means we chop it and put it in the fridge; it'll get used soon enough. A couple of leftover biscuits get turned into bread pudding with an egg and some milk, and eaten as a wonderful dessert. Rice also can be fried rice or rice pudding, depending on which way I want to take it, or Bear will simply eat it with milk and sugar for breakfast as a cereal.

We rarely eat meat in slab form, and that means a lot fewer odd portions of meat. However, when we do that (usually with a ham steak) I dice what remains for a later batch of macaroni and cheese or other uses.  Leftover ground beef that isn't enough for anything else can be combined with a little barbecue sauce for a sandwich or two. Steak or chicken slice up for salads or sandwiches as well, and stretch things out so we can actually make the food stamps work for us.

So what do you do with your leftovers?

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Originally posted to Alexandra Lynch on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 05:00 AM PDT.

Also republished by Hunger in America.

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