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Despite failing bees, flagellant Congress, fraudulent banks and flailing pay check to pay check, each new dawn gives our mental sun opportunity to burn off the fog of yesterday, and clothed our vision with the promise, it’s going to be OK.


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Despite failing bees, flagellant Congress, fraudulent banks and flailing pay check to pay check, each new dawn gives our mental sun opportunity to burn off the fog of yesterday, and clothed our vision with the promise, it’s going to be OK.

Then, we lift every voice for all with the courage to listen, and for all to see, guide the way to that place where all is peace; that place where we’re all OK.

So let us rejoice and be glad, prosperous, successful, loving, giving and forgiving in it – rising above Wall Street puppeteers, keeping government more than an IOU source and embracing affordable healthcare for everyone. Wouldn’t that be OK?!?

Then out of the ashes of The Great Recession, we are recharged and renewed, making every relationship, communication, location and person more like those helping strangers in the mudslinging aftermath of Colorado floods. Now that’s what American OK looks like.

Even without annual Rockets’ Red Glare, or torn and tattered wind whipped Ol’ Glory neglected by homeowners proudly displaying it for all to see, I think of you often America, but since 2000 see you all too little, and that’s not okay.

Pompously not okay is mentioning treatment for mental illness only in the immediate bloody aftermath of another easily mass murder made manifest, again, by a too accessible assault war weapon.

Most mentally ill Americans are not a danger to society and most who are dangerous to society are not mentally ill, just weapons manufacturers, marketers, purveyors, lobbyists and givers & takers of political bribes, packing our streets with more than enough to keep Bambi off the meadow and cull Jumbo for circus torture. Is this okay for you?

Failing to recall Congress on the take or protest talk-show gloss over of Navy Yard, Sandy Hook, Columbine – No, wait, wait don’t tell me: ‘the shooter could have just as easily pulled a Timothy McVeigh Oklahoma bombing, so don’t blame guns.’ This there, there condescension is as okay as a Ted Cruz brain wave meandering unobstructed from ear to ear in Rand Paul. America, OK is sailing past us on a ship steered by Congressional incompetence.

With assassinations repeating so often in educational, employment and recreational locations, media now has an okay play-by-play formula to ring from each tragedy, every premature unverified death toll, every camera willing neighbor, co-worker or responding agency spokesperson, every droning politician flattening out sensitivity to the inhumanity of humankind – and those who prescribe business as usual, are anything but OK.

Professing Constitutional patriotism while denying women ratification of ERA and ignoring historical context of Second Amendment militia as predecessor of our National Guard, to twist the possible British counter attack concerns of our Founding Fathers, into the right to bear arms in Starbucks, is insultingly not okay.

In remembrance, we honor 9/11 victims, let’s also remember both foreign and domestic villains who dishonored them, by manipulating our devastating grief into an incredibly not okay Iraq War for oil profit, with immense expenditure of life, limb and dollars.

Fearing the unknown so much we shut down government to spite the governed believing those who need a hand up (which post Bush/Cheney, now includes millions of what was The Middle Class), replacing we are our brother’s keeper with, I’ve got to protect what’s mine, because the more my fellow citizens get, the less there is for me, is twisted Conservative programming -- but for corporations programming us, it’s okay.

What’s most OK about being Americans is our Good Samaritan soul; a giving, caring national mindset that reaches out to strangers and family alike.

America, which okay, is OK for us?

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