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With apologies to Joseph Conrad


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Sometimes, a news item gets buried.....and sometimes you wish it had STAYED buried!

The Guardian newspaper is possibly the last FREE, liberal, free-thinking Western newspaper on the 'intertubes'. Back when it used to be the Manchester Guardian, and Alistair Cooke was one of its foreign correspondents, you could depend on it for solid, well-reasoned journalism of a left-leaning kind. Therefore, now that I am away from the U.K., and can no longer get my fix of turning over its broadsheet pages (or those of its Sunday sister, The Observer), I read its website with a great deal of joy.

However, sometimes I miss an item. I freely admit, that THIS one got away from me, and when I finally tracked it down, it was responsible for i) one spilled mug of personally imported 'Sainsbury's 'Kenya' Fine Tea - "This fiery, copper-coloured tea is renowned for its depth of taste"' and  ii) a burst of MOST un-SF like cursing - only some of which could be attributed to i)


It was later backed up by the Coventry Telegraph,


The REALLY bad news is that Steve Gatiss is, of course, heavily involved with Dr Who. Not only has he appeared twice, (he played Gantok, in 'The Wedding of River Song', and Professor Lazarus in 'The Lazarus Experiment'), but he has written several 'New Adventures' Dr Who novels, and an impressive body of other work. He wrote 'Unquiet Dead' in 2005, the 3rd Episode of the '1st Revival Series'; 'The Idiot's Lantern' - 2nd Series; the 'Victory of the Daleks', 2005, 5th Series; 'Night Terrors', 6th Series; and 'Cold War', and 'The Crimson Horror' (one of my favorites), in the 7th Series. Not only that, he has written the forthcoming 'An Adventure In Space & Time', a special program about the origins of Dr Who, which will be seen as part of the '50th Anniversary' event. He is also a personal friend of Steven Moffat (they were co-creators of the highly successful TV drama 'Sherlock').

So, from this you can deduce that when Gatiss becomes excited and asks Roger Moore to call him - Dr Who fans had better hope that it does NOT indicate that a 'read through' of some script or other is in the offing! Why? Please view the following clip from the near-legendary satirical British puppet series, 'Spitting Image', complete with action from BOTH of Roger Moore's eyebrows. Roger Moore is, of course, a Graduate, Egregia Cum Laude of The Kevin Costner School of Carpentry & Woodwork Speech & Drama.

There is an evil rumor to the effect that Roger Moore might even play The Master to Peter Capaldi's Doctor! Arrrgghhhhh! (Runs in tight circles, screaming)

"The horror! The horror!"



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Originally posted to shortfinals on Mon Sep 23, 2013 at 01:56 PM PDT.

Also republished by Whovians on DKos.

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