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Gentle readers, forgive me mine libertines and liberties. (not to mention libber tease)

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I must apologize. In an effort to save electrons, I slightly misstated my gnu and depraved title. It is not Prime Minister, but rather, Minister of Primes.

While it is true that I have a distinct fondness for irrational numbers, (which is why the TeaBagger maths are so fascinating, especially when they discuss ((those dear little know-nothings)) tax and debt policies), Prime numbers is where it is really at. Primes arenot just swell and rare, they are Prime! Some irrationals are, well, more irrational than others. For example, finding the square root of a negative number is incredibly similar to Ted Cruz's maths. It is not just irrational, it is illogical, and quite possibly insane.

To set it out more clearly, there is a scale of Irrational numbers. Some are readily understandable, while others are a bit less so. TeaBagger math has created a whole new category of irrational numbers, in which quantum functions become so frustrated and irritated, that they dissipate into a tiny collection of 11 dimensional strings before they go POOF and permanently exit our space time continuum. We call these Irrational irrational numbers.

On the other extreme end of the scale, we have rational irrational numbers, like E and no matter how you slice it, Pi.

As self anointed, self appointed, and self-satisfied Minister of Primes, I have recently become aware of an irrational irrational number (or rather, date). 10-01-13. On this date three irrational things will happen.

1. ObamaCare will take effect. To the sound of teeth grinding down to dust on Fox News, and within certain offices in Congress, the first rules providing real health protections for needy Americans will finally become law.  

2. The House will shut down the federal government. Yes, I know many "in the know" dits, dats, and dots, including pun-dits, ban-dits, and even gambits strongly claim that shutting down the Federal Government is impossible and won't happen, I think otherwise.  

The TeaBuggered House members have no fear. The fact that they have no common sense seems to be closely related to their lack of fear.  In fact, like petulant little children, spoiled, demanding, arrogant, and proud of their virtual illiteracy, I can see them forcing Boehner into a corner from which the House Leader cannot escape. There will be no CR passed, there will be no bill funding important government functions, there will be no rational deal making. Instead, led by their irrational irrational numbers, they will shake the global economy to its core. Our tiny, teetering economic recovery will be shattered and destroyed.

From the resulting gloom and doom, the ashes, and wreckage strewn across the economic horizon, their response will be predictable. Taxes and regulations caused the crash!

3. The Debt bill will not be passed. If the lack of a CR fails to destroy the global economy, America's inability to service and protect its debt will.
Watching Boehner act as a mindless puppet, adding idiotic riders and topics to the debt ceiling bill, just to appease a group of babbling TeaBuggered morons is disgusting. Never before in the history of this country have a group of single-minded zealots created so much potential harm. (No, wait. A bunch of zealots DID do great harm to our country in the past.  They brought us Prohibition, and that caused years of immeasurable damage to our country).

It is almost amusing to see Wall Street, the Chamber, and normal (or what goes for normal these days) Republicans begin to worry and fret that the House will sabotage our nation's financial health. But, all they can do is blame themselves. They helped the TeaBuggered movement come to pass. They transformed it into the radical wing of the ultra-conservative part of the GOP and turned over control of the party to it. In retrospect, they must know that was as smart as turning the keys to the candy store over to the morbidly obese, diabetic, fat kid. They cannot say that we didn't warn them, though.

This morning I heard a TeaBuggered congresscritter claim that because economists were so often wrong, that we can safely ignore them and their warnings about the debt. He is actively looking for shutting down the government AND preventing the passage of a debt ceiling bill. I forget his name, but his talking points sound as though Sarah Palin was his speech writer.

I weep for this nation.

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