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Welcome to this week's edition of Ask Me Anything About Daily Kos!

This week your host is me, Chris Bowers. I am the Senior Campaign Director at Daily Kos. What that means is that I manage the Daily Kos email list and all of our advocacy campaigns.

We have had an eventful time lately with our campaigns:

  • The defeat in the Colorado recall was definitely tough to swallow, but the Daily Kos community has a lot to be proud of. We matched the NRA dollar for dollar, raising well north of $350,000 for the fight. We will go on fighting them anywhere and everywhere.
  • In a big victory, Larry Summers withdrew his name from consideration to be next chair of the Federal Reserve. This happened because opposition mounted to his nomination from Democrats on the Banking Committee, and you guys were crucial in that regard. Over 165,000 Kossacks let Sens. Sherrod Brown, Jeff Merkley Jon Tester and Elizabeth Warren know you would have their backs if they opposed Summers. That type of grassroots support is extremely helpful to anyone who is preparing to stand up to the leader of their own party.
  • We are also closing in on victory in destroying the Monsanto Protection Act, which was stripped from the Senate version of the continuing resolution. Now, as I type this, tens of thousands of Kossacks are emailing their members of the the House of Representatives, urging them to keep the Monsanto Protection Act out of the House continuing resolution as well. What's more, the Monsanto Protection Act has already been removed from 2014 appropriations billsfor the Department of Agriculture in both branches of Congress, so I think we're going to stop this thing for good.

Now, obviously there is a lot more going on in campaigns than just those three fights. So, to help you keep track of them all, we have just launched a new page listing most of the active petitions we have at any given time.

Check it out: Daily Kos Campaigns.

This doesn't have all of the actions we are running right now, but it does have most of them. Further, as the campaigns we are running change, so will the page. And here is something really cool: now there is code that allows you to embed our the petitions into your diaries.

Finally, I wanted to let you know about a new email we launch three times every week that gives much greater exposure to Daily Kos diaries. We call it the “share email.”

Three times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturdays, we send 12 of our highest sharing diaries on Facebook to about 475,000 of our most active emails. This is easily the best performing type of email we send, because through your sharing and recommending you guys have already let us know what content online progressives want to read. The result is typically about 200,000 additional pageviews for our highest sharing content—sometimes a lot more.

What this all means is that now your diaries have a good chance to be seen by tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of people. It helps gives the content of our amazing community the greater exposure it deserves. You can sign up to receive the share email here.

Anyway, I will stop talking now and turn it over to you. What questions do you guys have about Daily Kos actions and emails?


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