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These attacks on us have been carried out for three years by the Peekskill Democrats as we struggle against their plans to gentrify. This attack just happened to get caught on several cameras. I have sent other videos to many Democratic Party members, elected officials and  Democratic Party committee members asking for intervention. NOT ONE responded!

The Peekskill Democrats have been attacking us off camera for three years while Mayor Mary Foster sits on the dais yelling,"Mr. Davis behave!" This gave the home audience the false impression that we are the problem. In these two videos, the Democrats get busted!! This is shameful, thuggish behavior. BTW, that is me cursing. I was  made to defend myself and my partner while Peekskill Police waited around to eject us-again!!

This piece is an email being sent to key Democratic leaders in Westchester County and beyond. Please share it with others. The white woman who committed the assault, Carole Gersten, a Democratic Party District leader who has done this before, still has not been arrested. The man who provoked the incident, Reginald Johnson, by leaving the podium and entering my space, was not ejected. He also has done this before. He also is a Democratic District leader and an attorney. He should be charged with inciting!

My objections to Mr. Johnson were the same as every meeting- Mayor Mary Foster allows Democratic Party District leaders to attack me from the podium and from the audience in violation of her rules of council meeting conduct. When I or a supporter tries to respond to them, we are called out of order and ejected. If you listen, my comments were to the mayor that he was breaking the rules again.

The Peekskill Dems have tried to paint me as a thug and trouble maker for three years with these staged events. They are catering to the racist vote. They want to run against "the angry, scary Black man," instead of running on their record. See Peekskill Patch- an almost Klan newspaper- for racist comments calling me a "monkey." That is where these Democrats seek votes. Darren Rigger, a Peekskill Councilman and staffer for Con Charlie Rangel, and Mayor Mary Foster are organizing this racist, deceitful campaign.

The actions of these Democrats should be denounced far and wide by true Democrats- but that won't happen. After all, we are only poor people and people of color standing up for our constitutional rights and against gentrification.



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