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The Logic Goes

If the main argument to the "far left" progressive (we are now in a fragmented territory as much as the right wing is) is that ObamaCare is better than nothing and we can fix it. We can rebuild it. Make it faster, better, stronger. Then how can the proponents of ObamaCare and supporters of a market based solution complain so fiercely about having to compromise with the Tea Party to avoid deadlock and shutdown?

Following the logic we should be able to allow their demands to the medical device industry, the options to employers to withhold certain women based health coverage, and yet another years delay to lift the damaging shutdown/debt ceiling standoffs. Because we all accept that the financial sector dominated economy which includes the Insurance industry will have to be the priority as it was 5 years ago. If we carry this too far by not relenting the Powers will come down hard on the party to stand down anyhow.

Of course we cannot allow this. We are locked in.

The reason is politics. This time Obama is playing the gambit or is forced into a gambit by a series of unfortunate choices that this can be the Final Conflict that puts down the Tea Party the rest of his term. Just as much as the Tea Party and a failed Republican leadership are playing a gambit. These are battles that should've been fought two years ago but Presidential Election politics being what they are Obama wouldn't risk another term calling the bluff.

So in the end it is simply politics that will energize both sides of the standoff and not some kind of righteous cause that the American public will somehow come to understand as their fight. If it is a righteous cause then Obama WILL have to compromise like always and make the case that all can be revisited when the public sees how great an idea ObamaCare is as the germ of universal health care. If it is a political gambit by both sides to take this to an ugly conclusion without compromise, then one or the other will have to blink. And we know which side ALWAYS blinks.

Let's call it a WinWin for a nominal and new version of ObamaCare if not for the Democratic Party and Health Care Reform. And yet another huge blow to the public by the Villagers, Wonks and lobbyists in DC who always love a good Punch and Judy show to distract from the rigged situation they've set themselves up in as consultants and "navigators" at the public trough and private mercenaries on K street.

And if you believe that Obama can use this crisis as an opportunity to vanquish the Tea Party upstarts once and for all and that the gambit is worth it without compromising ObamaCare any further, I salute you. For being the ultimate idealist.


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