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I posted this recently at TPM, but got to thinking, it is a question which needs wider consideration.  

Was the WWII Vets "breakthrough" event at the WW II Memorial orchestrated by the Tea Party?
The basic facts....a group of Mississippi WWII vets arrives at the WWII Memorial in DC and finds that it has been closed because of the government shutdown.

But there are some interesting facts that go with the story which raise questions.  More below the orange fester:


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OK....again the basic narrative....

A-Group of WW II Vets come to DC from Mississippi
B- Government shutdown forces closure of the Memorial and other public memorials and parks.
C- Mississippi Congressman (Republican of course) just happens to be on hand when the vets get to the memorial and as an act of public service, sweeps aside the barriers while loudly announcing this is all the result of Obama's intransigence.
D- Michelle Bachmann is NOT from Mississippi, but is ALWAYS available when there is a chance to get press attention. She also just happens to be at the Memorial when the MS vets arrive and gets press attention. What a coinky dink as they say.
E- Group of Iowa veterans comes to DC and can't get into memorial.  Iowa Cong. Steve King (R whack job) also happens to be on hand to help them breach the barriers.  Also bleats about Obama's closure of government.

Among those members of Congress on hand to help the vets get in were Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa and Republican Reps. Bill Huizenga of Michigan, Louie Gohmert of Texas, Steve King of Iowa, and Rep. Steven Palazzo of Mississippi, who organized the intervention and had circulated a friendly memo to his colleagues asking them to come out to prevent a blockage to make sure the vets' trip was not in vain, The Mississippi Press reports.
Yes I do see Harkin's name in there, but the rest of the list is an honor roll of Tea Baggers and as noted Palazzo of MS "organized the intervention" and encouraged colleagues to come open the gates.  Tom....I think you were had.  

Sure it will look good in the hometown press Tom and people won't stop to think about it, but today, we're seeing a mounting avalanche of faux GOP outrage over the closure of the memorial and Obama's insensitivity to those "who gave so much."

Staged for maximum effect.....? We report.....you decide!!!

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Was the WWII Memorial Event Staged?

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