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Courtesy of Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy fame . . .

Even Fox News doesn't know what the hell the House Republicans are doing.

    One of the great mysteries of the current budget crisis is why Republicans did not declare victory and pass a continuing resolution last week funding government through the end of the year.

     The resolution that is at the root of this crisis already establishes sequestration-level funding that President Obama and Senate Democrats have repeatedly said is unacceptably low but which they were willing to swallow in order to avoid a government shutdown.  

     That is the kind of compromise that, under normal circumstances, Republicans should celebrate. They got Democrats to accept a continuation of drastic, across-the-board spending cuts that are anathema to the president and his base. And yet members of the Tea Party, from Senator Ted Cruz to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, have driven the Republican Party so far though the looking glass that even a compromise that so greatly favored their side has not been enough.


  Kinda sucks when you read it like that.

   This is the same GOP who told us during the 2012 GOP primaries that they won't take any deal that gives Democrats any compromise, not even if it is 10:1 in their favor.

    Because some IDIOT told the teabaggers that Obama is an illegitimate socialist Nazi tyrant who hates white people and white culture and wants to kill Sarah Palin's baby in a death panel and now that the GOP base has had their heads filled with this looney bullshit for over 5 years we now have a Republican party that is totally divorced from reality and entirely incapable of basic government. Congrats, Fox News. YOU BUILT THAT!

Slightly more below the fold . . .


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Now that Frankenstein's monster is running amok it's creator doesn't know what is happening or how to stop it.

Last night Bachmann said to Hannity "This is about the happiest" the GOP has been in a while. Does that not sum up this lunacy? The GOP is DYING before our eyes and they are HAPPY about it!!! They are killing their own credibility on a national level and the queen of the Teabagger caucus is elated. Michele Bachmann is the Queen of Teabagger Hearts, she is only happy when she gets to scream OFF WITH HIS HEAD.

And Michele Bachmann has no idea that she is hoisting herself and her fellow tea party loons onto a scaffold they built for themselves.

Incestuous amplification is like that. When you never talk to anyone outside the green room at Fox News you get ideas. The GOP is like one of those Old Spice commercials that makes no sense by the ending. And it has gotten to the point where even the people who created the Tea Party monster at Fox News have no idea what their creation is doing.

I leave the floor to you



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