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Attention Randy Neugebauer:

I watched your nauseating display at the WWII memorial today and it really helped crystalize my thoughts on the extremely sad state of affairs in Congress these days.  Watching you arrogantly berate an innocent Park Services Ranger, blaming her for the shutdown of the memorial and telling her that she should be ashamed, caused me to pause and ask myself if this was really happening.  Sadly, it did happen, as you chose to take a day off with pay to follow, lemming style, as your party often does, the other ignorant, arrogant self-promoting teabaggers who search far and wide for opportunities to pander to your frothing base and the selfish billionaires that breed you. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!

Well, you went too far.  In the typical classless, self-aggrandizing (are these words are too big for you? ) style all too common to teabaggers, you chose to shove a flag in your pocket and scurry over the WWII memorial because…….well……darn it…..if Michele can do it, so can you!!  Lemmings!  You then proceeded to rip into a Parks Services Ranger, fully blaming her and her department for the shutdown of the memorial and heaping shame on her and her service to this country.  She showed more professionalism, class and resiliency than the entire Congress could ever hope to muster.  You have a fat, galling nerve to blame anyone other than yourself for the mess we’re in right now.  I realize that “hypocrisy” is also a really big word, but you should look it up.

Whether or not I voted for you and the rest of your sorry ilk, I expect ALL members of Congress to act professional and respectful at all times.  You work for us – we pay you.  Yet somehow, that concept has not quite taken hold with teabaggers and I think I know why.  With the advent of the tea party as a sad, loud, annoying, ignorant movement, the collective intelligence of Congress has fallen dramatically.  As more representatives like you are hurtled into office by your slack-jawed constituents, funded by the greedy billionaires who outright purchase you, intelligent, civil debate disappears.  Instead we are left with the likes of you and the rest of the terrorist teabaggers who are out to destroy this country because you don’t possess the intellectual capability to understand what this country really needs to get back on track.  

I have never taken the time to write and post a screed like this, but I’m beyond disgusted and I’m done with you and the rest of the ignorant, hypocrite, terrorists to which you belong.  So, as you parade around looking for your next photo op, and as you try to hijack democracy to fit your blinkered view of America, understand this: your days are numbered.  The teabaggers continue to piss off more and more people and the tide is turning against you.  History will judge you for what you are – an ignorant, arrogant, hypocritical, racist, homophobic, holier-than-thou, selfish stain on this great land. Shame on you.


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