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For several years now I've been ready to "take to the streets" in sustained protest against the predations of the corporate state.  I've been ready to join with others and organize a very focused, disciplined, cohesive, and strategic resistance movement, with the objective of presenting a united front against the increased oppression being imposed by the ruling class.

I've attended god-knows how many rallies, protests.  I've talked to so many people; I've reached out to other activists, but I've never been able to find people or groups with that type of relentless, 24/7 commitment to the development of a powerful social justice/progressive movement.

And I've felt like that regardless of my own situation, as I've gone through ups and downs in my life.  I felt like that whether I was working in highly-paid positions pulling six-figure salaries and working 11-plus hour days, or whether I've gone through a catastrophic fail of one of my businesses I've started.

And I've felt like that even though I myself have not experienced police brutality, or many of the injustices I know other people go through.

Because I'm offended by the brutality imposed on so-called communities of color, on black young men in the inner cities, and immigrant families terrorized by the threat of being split apart because of deportations, and low wage workers, and the homeless, and the millions of people who were fraudulently foreclosed by criminal banksters, and injustices against native American communities, and the destruction of the environment, and the crass absurdity of a mainstream media on the take serving as a propaganda machine, and war criminals walking around talking shit while they should be shamed, persecuted, arrested, charged, and sent to serve long-term sentences, and the immoral level of income inequality, and the rampant influence-peddling corruption that has engulfed our system of government.

And so when I'm in social circles of people living pretty comfortable, with good jobs, solid financial security, it's all about social stuff, good times, not rocking the boat.  And when I'm with people who have been beaten down by the system, there what you see is mainly a sense of hopelessness, of impotence, of resignation in accepting the injustices they are being subjected to...

And in between, rampant ignorance, Facebook, Twitter, people staring at their iPhones, or iPads, or TV, computer screens, as in some kind of hypnotic state.

And where there are activist groups that try to take on the system, they struggle just to get a little funding to fulfill their mission, always working on a shoestring.  And when any of them get real traction, they are immediately co-opted and neutralized by the CorpoDems.

And I keep saying to people "We need to organize in a nationwide, powerful, cohesive movement acting on multiple levels, including alternative economic paradigms, collectives, educating the public about the true nature of the system so more and more people join the movement," I get blank stares, as if I was saying something so radical and strange as to be totally unintelligible.  

That we need to anticipate things, plan ahead, think ten, 20, 30 steps ahead.  That we need to become militant, not as in violence, but as in commitment to the cause.

And I say those things because that's how the ruling elite acts.  The top one percent of income takers make close to 70 percent of total campaign contributions, and they use that leverage to buy off politicians to push their agenda; an agenda that's selfish, and not for the betterment of the entire society.

That the ruling class, although not acting in actual collusion, nevertheless ends up moving their agenda forward because of a confluence of interests.

And so how we can't even find a measly five percent of the population (the number that would be needed to push the system to change) to act out of a confluence of interests is truly astonishing...

Radicals, activists, anarchists, of time pasts, have not only told us what needs to happen, they've done it generation after generation.  We need to stop watching (too much) TV, which is extremely harmful to our cognition; we need to understand the true nature of the system (oligarchical in nature, protected by a surveillance/security apparatus); we need to organize in a sustained manner (day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade).

What's happening today?

Why do people pay attention to these things only when they are personally affected?  When they are furloughed, when they all of the sudden are faced with the possibility of not having enough money to pay for next month's rent?

Is that really what's this about?  Aren't people deeply offended by the torture committed against prisoners in California?  Aren't people deeply offended by the fact that that women over there, parked in a far corner of the shopping mall parking lot has to all of the sudden sleep in her car with her two kids?

Anyways, whatever... Let's keep the good fight now that we have to.  Maybe it does take a massive disruption to get people going, I don't know.

I'm still looking to connect with those who have a life-long commitment to social justice activism and are willing to organize into a powerful and cohesive movement capable of acting in concert, strategically (and never be co-opted by the establishment).  Haven't found them yet, and I've looked for years now.  I really have.  I'll keep at it.


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