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It's Moondai, the 7th of Octogre...let's get this week underway!!

As Moondai Diarist for Da Pootie Peeps, I have no idea where we'll be going, so just hop on and we'll take the ride together.  The standard rules apply:
1. Be nice to each other.
2. No trolling the diary; we deal harshly with trolls if pushed.
3. If you hate pootie diaries, leave now...no harm, no foul.
4. Share any and all pootie/woozle photos or issues that you would like to. When it comes to problems, we may just have someone with experience who can help.
5. Whatever happens in the outer blog STAYS in the outer blog. DO NOT SHIT-STIR IN HERE! Shit-stirring will be dealt with the same way we deal with trolls.
6. Also, there is no such thing as stealing a photo around here, all are offered with love and may be borrowed with just as much love.

Just think of me as the No Drama Mama for the day.  Enjoy!!


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Bein' Moondai and all...we have to wake up for it....
 Monday Morning Do Not Want photo MondayMorning_zps6a55421c.jpg

But then, we need......
Coffee. &nbsp;Ai Need Coffee... photo AiNeedCoffee_zps17c6fc2b.jpg

Dis my 'hooman before coffee' presshun photo Hoomanbeforecoffeeimpression_zps4a2bf11a.jpg

Once we're up and running,

proceed photo Proceed_zpsd7a57c8a.jpg

Customer service is our specialty..
GTFO and take your FAIL with you. photo GTFOandtakeyourFAILwithyou_zps4b4e1a29.jpg

''Service with a smile'' you say???
He pissed me off. photo hepissedmeoff_zpsbe482117.jpg

Where others try, we........meh....
Now for something completely indifferent photo Indifferent_zpsa32044f8.jpg

Time to bring in the 'A' team...
Team Ceiling Cat in training photo TeamCeilingCat_zps22154479.jpg

All work and no play isn't good for us....
Wanton destruckshun is tiring photo WantonDestruckshun_zps5818debd.jpg

Just remember, the job isn't over till the paperwork's done....
Finished de paperwerk. photo Paperwerk_zps511cc42c.jpg

When the work day is over, we get to go home and relax....
tired....work too hard photo WorkTooHard_zps89985c59.jpg

And after all that, we come face to face with our pootie overlords, who are patiently waiting
for us, with warmth and unconditional.......

what's wrong with you? photo srslywiwwy_zps81e4d0ff.jpg

Oh, well.  There's always tomorrow. I think we have a shot at a career in management, don't you?  :-)

Have a great week everybody!!!
scritchies, snorffles, smoochies, and purrs,
Marti and HisLordshipOfSnooze

I would like to thank the ICHC website for the majority of these photos.

Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketCoded by BirderWitch
th_3369083602_d799ac09ee_o th_3370761863_9689cc4660_oWord clouds by ccmask
ED: Unfortunately, swampyankee's uncle passed this morning, SO between that and her computer acting up, she won't be joining us today, probably. BUT we give her our love and admiration.
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