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Shadowbox from a different lifetime
I am angry - tonight I was swiftboated. I was in a discussion about how some folks on the right were calling for an armed uprising. I mentioned that these same people forget that the federal government has tanks, fighter jets, and the like. Someone on the right came back and stated that the Army would be on their side. I stated that as a veteran my loyalty was to to the U.S. Constitution and that it is doubtful that the soldiers of today would abandon their oaths to fight against health insurance reform.
Me with an M16A1/M203 Grenade Launcher in 1986
The conversation, as they always do with conservatives, got to Benghazi. I made fun of the conservative for saying it. At that point another conservative came in to the conversation:
if you served in the 101st you would know what 'painting a target' (ie Ty Woods) is...if you deny that fact you are not who you pretend to be. NO soldier 'paints' a target without CONFIRMATION of air support...defend your position please.
Now, I was just a simple 12B Combat Engineer - I was a grunt that had to carry more crap than a grunt did. I have no idea what this gentleman is talking about - I sure as hell do not recall being taught anything about in Basic Training and can find nothing in my old manuals (Yes, I kept them).

His inference that I am lying about my military service hit a very raw nerve. I served from 1985 to 1989. I spent two years in West Germany with the 54th Engineer Battalion, and while there I spent time at OP Alpha (Observation Post "A"). I damaged my C5/C6 vertebrae while there and two years ago had those discs fused and I now have a metal plate in my neck from it. From there I spent two years with the 326th Engineer Battalion, 101st Airborne Division. While at Ft. Campbell, KY I earned my Air Assault Wings. To this day I consider those two years with the 101st to be the best years of my life.

I am not claiming to be a hero, I was nothing more than an average soldier - I have never asked for special treatment as a veteran, and I am embarrassed when someone thanks me for my service.

My Dad served during WWII. This was taken in 1945
To have my service questioned, in the manner it was - has, for lack of better words, pissed me off.

I am sick and fucking tired of these right-wing assholes who claim to be patriots by talking about overthrowing the government, while someone like me who served his county is accused of lying about his service. I did not serve for patriotism, I served so I could go to college; however, while in the service I believed in "Duty, Honor, Country." I met some of the finest people I have ever known in the Army. I am proud of my service and I believe in my country and my government. If one of these assholes wants to question my service I suggest they do it to my face and not while hiding behind a keyboard.

If I had a photo, I would post it of my cousin who was killed in Iraq, and of my great grandfather who served with Co. D of the 51st Pennsylvania during the Civil War. And I am the one whose service/patriotism is questioned by these right-wing assholes who never served a day in their lives.


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