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Though I'm yet at the point of putting in a lot of mental resources into the 2016 elections it's hard to ignore when all the social media sites I frequent keep bringing it up.  I'm more concerned about the 2014 mid-terms at this point than in an election still some 3 plus years hence.  And when it's brought up its always in the context of Hillary Clinton and the conventional wisdom she is a shoe in for the 2016 nomination.  That's fine and I don't have a problem with that.  If I pressed and asked to start giving it the thought I would usually give it around January or February of 2015 I would be thinking about supporting Gov. Martin O'Malley of Maryland because of his economic bona fides and his record on education.  But having said all that I keep running into the other "her" that pops up about possible candidates for 2016.  That other "her" would be Senator Warren of Massachusetts.  I was prompted by several of the progressive/liberal outlets I frequent to listen to a speech she recently gave on the Senate floor.  What is amazing about this speech is how she articulates the responsibilities of government as an entity that is held accountable at the ballot box.  The way she describes what government actually does in unalterable terms makes it clear enough for even the most uninformed teabagger enthusiast to comprehend.  Let her tell you in terms that is better than anyone else I've heard attempting to do the same:


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I love the way she makes it clear how integrated the government is in our national community of day to day living.  Try to imagine a corporate entity doing the same things and functioning in the community's best interest and with the same accountability.  The argument that the free market makes it accountable is a straw man at best as its accountability is to its stock holders first and foremost.  Though some of the largest corporations in the world with American origins have their corporate offices located on the U.S. mainland, most are in reality a multi national corporation open to foreign influence on national corporate decisions.  Teabaggers and conservatives loudly proclaim you can't trust government but its alright to place all your faith in corporate entities who are wholly beholden to their stockholders who may or may not be outside the U.S.  This is a rationalization that escapes me completely.  The raison d'etre of the current national denizens of the conservative movement seems to be defined by those contradictions.  It's falling more and more on the liberal community to highlight these incongruities and to continuously point them out.

Hillary Clinton has never articulated a true picture of the relationship of government with the body politic that is accountable through the ballot box the way Sen. Warren has.  To be more succinct this is a speech she cannot give, will not give, and in fact is incapable of giving due to her corporate relationships the Clinton's have built over the past three decades.  But that's not the point of this diary.  The point of the diary is that Sen. Warren is willing, capable and doing it.  This should make it very clear why Hillary will not be the one in 2016.

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