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Welcome to the Wednesday afternoon pootie woozle diary, our daily friendly place to take a few minutes to relax, smile, and recharge before going out to battle the forces of evil in the big, bad real world. (In other words: this is a happy place. Please help us keep it that way!)


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So loosen your tie (if you are unfortunate enough to be wearing one), kick off your shoes (watch your aim, please - no wee beasties should be hurt in this process....), and let me know what beverage you'd like to have pushed through teh 'Toobz with your fresh-out-of-the-oven mincemeat brownies (selection includes some fancy organic loose herbal tea, water from the spring up the road, and that half-full bottle of some cheap Carbernet from last weekend that's taking up space on the fridge door......).

The late and much missed Jez is no longer here to share her ebil weed ~ but that just means there's more for all the rest of the world's felines. Jez did love her 'nip....

jez and the nip

Oh, this is supposed to be a woozle diary, isn't it? So, some puppies to amuse us....I do have a few among all the kitty pictures ;-)

sheep number

toys less fortunate

branch manager

dog and baby in trouble



saw a spider

Fake puppy, but the knitting makes up for that (at least for me.....):

knitting makes better

And an almost puppy:


Bonus kitteh belleh for Swampyankee....my wee beasties Penn and Hobbs:

sleepy kitty Penn

please scratch

And some more kitties, 'cuz I just can't resist the feline goodness....

how far up

chip replace with kitty



A couple more pretty ones ('cuz you must know by know that I won't stop chattering without posting a couple of my father's photographs.....):

3606 dome grate

rusty gears 37950000

Lily (monochrome)

Tilework detail

Now, and definitely finally, some concluding public service announcements:

1) The non-captioned, non-Jez/Hobbs/Penn pictures are my dad's work. He was an amazing photographer. See here for some more evidence (not necessarily his best work, just the electronic files I could pry off his laptop one time that he came to visit).

2) If you need a dose of cute and can't find the day's pootie diary, try this foster kitten web cam. If the resident fosters are sleeping when you click over there, you can use the DVR scroller feature at the bottom of the video to find a time when they have the zoomies ;-) Current kitty mama is quite vocal ~ my wee beasties have gone looking for her when she's talking....

3) Need more cute kitties? Try the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, another foster family.

4) Good works clicky links below. Please use them. The pooties and woozles thank you for doing so.

Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketCoded by BirderWitch
And, finally.... when you do go out to the big, scary world (or even the rest of the blog....):

take my hand scary world

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