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What troubles me at the moment is the question of treason. Commiting acts against our government which undermine or advocate the overthrow of our government. Acts such as huddling and conspiring to shutdown everything the new president brings to the table such as the Repugnants did the evening Pres Obama was elected the first time, to making their number one goal to make him a one term president, to holding our government hostage until he magically rescinds a law that has been passed and stood the test of law and apparently endorsed by the people, given the second election.

How is it that we cannot arrest the R's that are shutting down our economy and wrecking our democratic process for treason? If the shoe was on the other foot and the D's came to the table and threatened to shut it down unless the R's repealed a favorite Bush policy, they'd be all over us.

The democratic process, our 200+ year old government and process is under attack. Dont like a law, shut it down and make em take it back. Dont like a tax, shut it down.... Never mind that we have a process to repeal laws and disagree, no that only applies to laws the D's dont like. If it's something the R's dont like, well then we can handle that as a matter of budget and daily shutdown. All too many times, Obama and the D's have comprimised (which really meant given the R's whatever just to try and big the big boyz in the room and work across the aisle). We've given too much and trained the R's to expect it. Our fault. Obama tried to work with others when in reality they have/had no intention of comprimise. The evidence is all over the place written in the many filibuster and blockades aroudn every turn.

Wake up people, we need to educate and motivate our peers to vote and voice their concerns. The emperors new clothes only look good to the masses that dont speak out. All it takes is one to start the movement and others will follow. SPeak out, it is treason that the R's and teabaggers are commiting.

John Boner has zero balls and he is a coward among men. He is so scared to lose his gavel that he is willing to tank our economy and our democratic process to placate the crazies among them.

How do we go about filing charges of treason against these whack jobs? Something has to give or we will be in a meltdown the likes of which we have never seen, very soon. Economies will collapse and our way of life will change. The filthy rich will reap the benefits and finish buying up everything they dont yet own and then what? Servitude? We will be slaves. This is where it's headed.

By claiming Obama came to get the guns, they motivate the crazies but in doing so they also steal everything out the back door while the crazies watch the front door.
Armed revolt? I used to think it was crazy talk but I believe its coming. It will end up being a war in the streets and society will devolve into guerrila warfare right here in the good ole USA.

It's a very sad time in our society.

Sorry for the rant but I think our days of freedom are numbered.


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