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It has become more apparent with each passing day that the Republicans in the House of Representatives waged this shutdown war without an actual plan and were just going along with the Tea Party's demands.  As we enter the twelfth day of this nightmare, now the big wigs over on that side of the aisle are scrambling (no doubt due to the god-awful poll numbers slapping them around) to find any way to get out from under the mess that they created.

Now, with public scrutiny at a near fever pitch, Speaker Boehner is caving. Well, in all honesty, maybe he should have thought of that before he shut the government down over the Affordable Care Act. And now, after all the grandstanding he and others like Senator Cruz (R-TX) and Senator Lee (R-UT) did about “fairness” over the law,  Speaker Boehner is willing to break his blockade over some spending cuts? Really?


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Why drag the nation through that? Why threaten to bring us to the edge of financial despair and then back off over things completely irrelevant to your cause? Because it was all a dog and pony show, that's why. It was nothing more than pandering to his extremely whacky caucus. Well ,we have news for you Speaker Boehner. A little friendly advice for the opposition once in a while. Don't pick a fight you have no intentions of seeing through to the end (with my family's future at stake no less) and if your going to pick that fight, you might want to make sure your backbone is still intact before you do.

After you strike this “deal” you won't have any friends left in the nation. Our side naturally disagrees with you and now most of your side is going to be giving you the stink eye too. Heck, you might not have a party left to try to lead. With all that infighting, the elephants might not last until the next election. (Hooray for us.)

I think the straw that broke the camels back was the news that broke that the 196 year old  Ohio clock that has been running all this time , stopped because there wasn't nary a furloughed work in site to wind it back up as there always have been. Senators, not knowing they could easily find the time on onlineclock.net or maybe their own wristwatches, realized they were out of time and the nonsense had run its course. Kudos to the president and Senate Leader Reid for calling their bluff and getting our nation back on the right track.

I don't like calling a fight over before its actually over, but when you have some of your top dogs like Senator Graham (R-SC) saying things like this, “Twenty-four hours ago I thought the House was locked down and incapable, quite frankly, of producing product and we had to go first. Now I'm of the opinion the House is ready to go first and it would be better for the country if the product came out of the House,” it just about done. In the immortal words of Corporal Hudson, “Game over man. Game over!”

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