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The design concept of Henan Hongxing mobile crushing plant is to provide customers the simple but high efficiency and low cost equipment. The mobile crushing plant combines the fixed crushing plant"s stability and clears the faults of crushing place, surrounding and the complex basic configurations. Henan Hongxing machinery is one professional manufacture of crushing and screening equipment. since Hongxing machinery developed mobile crushing station, the African market has been a company focused on the development of the market, Africa has Hongxing mobile crusher station"s major suppliers, the Hongxing mechanical mobile crusher station has exclusive African market.

All the products, jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, including the mobile crushing plant are popular around the world and have gained a good fame in international market. Urban construction waste in order to become a new kind of urban mining, and its comprehensive utilization, so this process will need certain equipment on urban construction waste recycling. Which device most suitable for urban construction waste recycling? Henan Hongxing Machinery Science and Technology Co., Ltd. developed the production of construction waste recycling processing equipment - mobile crusher station. Hongxing Machinery mobile crushing station has the world"s most advanced on-site treatment technologies and processes.

Compared with the traditional fixed crushing plant, the mobile crushing plant owns feeder, belt conveyor and vibrating feeder all in one; the vehicle installational supporting is easier for equipment to plant in the working place, for road transit. Recently, the mobile crushing plant has obvious advantage in crushing construction rubbish. Henan Hongxing mobile crushing plantnow are stepping into the international marker and have already sold to Africa ,south America and so on. The future of Henan Hongxing is promising. To do preliminary processing of construction waste disposal, and lay a solid foundation for the comprehensive utilization of construction waste. Hongxing Machinery mobile crushing station according to the different requirements of the construction waste into a sand and gravel aggregates, and brick-making material, road construction materials, and the operation and maintenance simple.


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