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Well its that time of year again when the Birchbagger insane clown posse and evangelical death cultists of the US Religulous Reich wheel out the fainting couches, put on the pearls and twin sets or stars n stripes shirts and jumpers and get their collective mob on down at the laughably ironically named Values Voters Summit.


yeah right....

Think Camp David with an IQ smaller than your shoe size.
More hate than a whole cross burnin season full of Klan rallies.
More bile than a shady backstreet Chinese Traditional Medicine store.
More distorted reality than a warehouse full of Funhouse Mirrors.
And more cries of God Wills It! than the whole frickin set of Crusades.....


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If you fancy digesting a few of the more fragrant morsels of stinking gristle from this bilious cretin fest then take yourself over to Right Wing Watch where they have been wearing out keyboards and staffers trying hard to keep up with the outspewing of the various skin deep low morality speakers.


Personally I think they deserve an award for having to wade through the mire to save us more fortunate souls from the mental rapine that would be otherwise necessary. Even so, half an hour of reading and watching this vomitous pile of manure leaves me feeling like I need a long hot shower and case full of carbolic soap to wash off the christo-fascist stink.

My favorite quote so far though has been from the ever reliably skin deep and glassy eyed insane Lonesome Rhodes A Like Rand Paul. In a sea of insanity from some of the best snake bile pumpers on the GOP circuit he still managed to make the standout statement that blew my irony meter clean off the wall.

Today I want to talk about a war that the mainstream media is ignoring. From Boston to Zanzibar there's a world wide war on Christianity.
Well lawks a lawdy! Prayse the Lawd and pass the ammunition ma!


In a world gone insane our brave workaday hero, known by his codename AquaBuddah, calls the faithful to arms, whips the mob up into a frenzy and sends them out to hunt down the evil forces of reason and secularism. See him track down and pop a cap into the wicked champions of sekularism, soshulism and Shareeaw Law. Applaud his efforts to fight the insidious Kenyan Kommie....Dr Mooslim. And cheer as he and his League of Extraordinarily Stupid Gentlefolks save the world with good old folksy family values and give those damn non-true Krystyhun's a good ol moms apple pie flavour Jeezus Beatin.

Coming soon to a screen near you in eye poppin brain beggarin 3C .... Thats Christianity, Conservatism and .... errr..... oops!

As our heroes The League of Extraordinarily Stupid Gentlefolks
Rand Paul as Aquabuddha
Michelle Bachmann as Church Lady
Louis Gohmert as The Gimp
Alan West as Major Mayhem
and Ted Cruz as The Spirit (of Joe McCarthy)

and our cast of villains:
Mikey Weinstein as MRFF Man
Dave Silverman as Lucifer's Bitch
Sgt Justin Griffith as The Traitor
Ellen DeGeneres, Rachel Maddow and RuPaul as Teh Gays
Sandra Fluke as Feminazi
and of course
Obama Bin Laden as The Insidious Dr Mooslim


So Rand my old plum puddin..... so its WORLD WAR C?

Well matey count me in.

Thing is.... I aint gonna be fighting for the side with "Gott Mit Uns" on its belt buckles.

Ah knackers.... there goes the Godwin Alarm

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