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A detailed money trail is provided below showing clearly how the Koch Cabal used its money to attack Enroll America which is dedicated to helping people enroll in Obamacare


In 2011, the Koch Cabal gave its secret National News Bureau $6,611,263 Dollars.

Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity then gave Cause for Action $644,000.

In July of this year, Cause for Action  filed an IRS Complaint against Enroll America whose Mission Statement is:

The Complaint:

Koch Cabal Cause of Action IRS Complaint Against Enroll America

The Koch Cabal shudders at the thought of this happening:

As an aside, but related I highly recommended listening to Bill Moyers and Heather Gerken discussing the "McCutcheon v. FEC, let’s call the case “Citizens United: The Sequel.”   Click here to listen.  Here's a direct quote:
BILL MOYERS: Why do you call it a shadow party?

HEATHER GERKEN: They’re doing all the kinds of things you can do in a campaign, they're framing issues, they're running ads, they're helping candidates get elected.

The republican shadow party is The Koch Cabal.
Background details and links to Tax Returns, etc. below.

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In case you missed it, you will find a detailed analysis of the Koch Cabal news bureau here.

The Koch Cabal now has its very own, non-profit "news bureau" across the country.  From 2009 - 2011, $12,633,760, maybe more, has been granted to the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity which is also a non-profit organization.  Franklin's EIN # is 26-4066298 for those wanting to scour its tax returns found here.
Here's how the money flowed from the Koch Cabal (pictured in the chart below, to Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity, to Cause for Action.  I am limited the presentation to 2011:

In 2011, Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity received $6,611,263 according to its tax return.  Franklin has also managed to accumulate $526,338 in assets.

In 2011 tax return, Donors Capital granted Franklin Center $5,210,115

In 2011, Donors Fund made three grants to the Franklin Center:

$   110,000 for general operations
$   350,000 for general operations
$   644,000 for general operations

$1,104,000 total

These two donors granted Franklin Center news bureau $6,314,115 in 2011.  $435,885 must have been donated from other donors.

No compensation was recorded for the Franklin Officers/Directors and no key employees were listed.

Freedom Center Officer:Directors no compensation

However, the three member board, two of whom are Officers, listed above voted for Contract Payroll, but only Jason received compensation.  

According to the tax returns, Jason received

$67,459 Contracted Payroll in 2009,
$101,333. Contracted Payroll in 2010, and
$135,000 Contracted Payroll in 2011.

So how did Franklin Center spend $6,314,115 in 2011.  Here's the Statement of Functional Expenses from the 2011 tax return.

Franklin Center for Government and Integrity Expenses, 2011 Page 1
Franklin Center for Government and Integrity Expenses, 2011 Page 2

And here is the statement of Grants given to others for 2011, a total of $1,115,500 for 2011.

Freedom Center Grants Given 2011

TAKE NOTE of Cause of Action.  There is no EIN# provided.  Cause for Action's EIN# is 45-2805977 for those wanting to look into their tax returns..

Call for Action initiated an the IRS Complaint seen above against Enroll America whose mission statement from its 2011 Tax Returnis:

From Enroll America's website:

Enroll America - How We Work

Enrollment is KEY to the success of Obamacare which is why Cause for America created bad press.  A google search about Cause for America's IRS Complaint against Enroll America will bring up a host of right wing news.  

Not a lot of coverage from the other media.

This from the Hill:  Watchdog requests IRS review of group that is promoting ObamaCare

From Inside Health Policy

Here's a great analysis of the probe by Law360.com

IRS Asked To Review Enroll America's Nonprofit Status

Cause of Action filed a complaint with the IRS on Monday, alleging Enroll America's primary focus is funneling new clients to health insurance companies by encouraging them to sign up for Medicaid and other insurance options created by the ACA. It noted in its cover letter to the IRS that Enroll America's stated mission is to maximize the number of participants in ACA insurance exchanges and Medicaid.
I'm not sure if there are any penalties for filing a bogus IRS complaint or that the Cause for Action complaint against Enroll America will amount to anything at all.

What Cause for Action did accomplish, however, is create NEGATIVE PRESS as well as putting HHS on the defensive.  Money well spent by the Koch Cabal.

This above a great example of how the Koch Cabal News Bureau is using its $12Million.


Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity won't show on the chart below (Muckety needs to add on); however, tax returns show that the Koch Cabal is funding Freedom Center.

Donors Trust - Koch Affiliated

This is how the chart is arranged:

At the top are the FUNDERS of the Donors Trust. With the exception o the Rauner Family and Knowledge and Progress Fund located at the very top, the other FUNDERS also donate to the organizations listed on the right hand side of the screen.

The Rauner Family and Knowledge and Progress Fund only FUND Donors Trust on this chart. You would have to go this interactive chart and double click to see what other associations each has.

The Searle Freedom Trust donates to most of the organizations listed on the lower right side of the screen, beneath the FUNDER Foundations and Trusts.

The the incredibly rich non-profit foundations listed above, pour money into the incredibly rich Koch backed non-profits and then the incredibly huge number of $Millions are then funneled to the right wing non-profits both BY the foundations directly and through both the Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund.  

As an amusing aside, and I will spare you the details here, Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund, Inc actually funnel money back and forth, but that's another diary.

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