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I hesitated to write this for weeks because I’m not a fan of using my family to promote politics. My mom is no fan of either party, and is of the “throw them all out” crowd. Still, there’s some things that need to be said about Obamacare, how it has affected my family, and how it’s likely affected many others.

My mom has had a problem buying insurance for a long time, due to her having a pre-existing condition. She had a heart attack about 15 years ago and when she had surgery on her heart back in 2003, the doctor botched the operation, causing more damage to her heart than she had before (she didn’t find out until years after the operation, long after the statute of limitations for suing the surgeon had ended). On top of that, she has a disorder in which her nerves are slowly eroding that doctors don’t know how to treat or even diagnose.

For years after that, my mom was able to buy her own insurance through Blue Cross, our state’s “insurer of last resort”. But having a bad heart causes prices to go up, and it was eventually going to cost her over $2,000 a month to have her Blue Cross plan. So, as of 2008, my mom was without insurance. She was too rich for Medicaid, too poor for private insurance, and no other insurance company would touch her due to her pre-existing condition.

During the next few years, her health got worse, and she found herself having to see doctors without insurance. They were compassionate, giving her a discounted rate so she wouldn’t go broke. But without insurance she was limited in the care she could receive. Anything more expensive than a checkup and she was finished financially.

That all changed in 2012, thanks to Obamacare. Shortly after our state was made to create a “high-risk insurance pool” to cover people with pre-existing conditions before the ban on them takes effect in 2014, my mom enrolled in the coverage. Her premiums weren’t the cheapest, but at $427 a month, it’s a damn sight better than the thousands she’d have to pay otherwise.


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One day last summer my mom wasn’t feeling well. She thought she might have been coming down with the flu. She went to see the doctor, who could tell that something was very wrong. She was rushed to the hospital, where they discovered she had a brain aneurism. They found a blood vessel in her brain that was about to burst.

My mom told me she talked to the doctor, who asked her what she would have done if she didn’t have health insurance. She told him “I would have stayed home and tried to tough it out like I always do.”

The doctor said “Then you would have died.”

I’m not going to pretend that everything turned out rosy for my mom. She still had a $3,000 in expenses that she had to meet, and I worked plenty of overtime to help her pay that bill. But she’s alive. And she wouldn’t have been otherwise.

After looking on the internet, I found more stories like my mother’s. People who were able to get the life-saving medical treatment because they had access to health insurance that they didn’t have before Obamacare. Obamacare is saving lives.

That’s what should be making us as liberals the most angry. The idea that these conservative ass-clowns have the nerve to call themselves pro-life yet have no problem killing people just so they can score some cheap political victory against Obama. This is the same party that passed bills to try to keep a brain-dead woman on life support, but somehow can’t be bothered to let people have access to life-saving medical treatments.

The GOP is nothing more than the party of death. Fuck them. The very fact that they would try to kill a program that’s already been proven to KEEP PEOPLE FROM DYING over some partisan bullshit political game shows how sociopathic they are as human beings. They can all eat a bag of dicks.

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