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Ever since I have been registered to vote in Alaska, over 23 years ago, I have had one US Representative only, Republican Don Young. He was sworn into office when I was only a little kid, in March of 1973. He became a Congressman before our nation celebrated the Bicentennial. Elvis Presley was still alive and well. The Watergate Scandal was still in its infancy. The World Trade Center was newly built and officially opened in April of that year. Federal Express was a brand new business. The Drug Enforcement Agency didn't exist. And our government was officially much smaller than it is now.

Ironic, wouldn't you say, that a conservative Republican who has been in office for over 40 years has helped to grow such a monstrosity of democracy?

Today, on his Facebook page, he lets his constituents know that he believes Congress should get back to work but only after he reminds us that he has been around for 18 government shutdowns. Yes - eighteen:

I’ve been here for 18 government shutdowns now, and there is plenty of blame to go around – on both sides of the aisle – for causing this shutdown, but I think it is important to acknowledge that with a national debt nearing $17 trillion, federal government spending is simply on an unsustainable path, and must be reduced, and that point was largely lost during this shutdown.
I love how he wants to apportion equal blame - as if Democrats and Republicans equally held our feet to the fire this time around. He doesn't want to address the Republican hatred of the ACA or the Tea Party control of the Republican Party. He refuses to take any responsibility at all. In this respect, Don Young hopes to ride a wave of independence that has helped him survive election after election in Alaska. He's different from those other Republicans - he's neither a RINO nor a Tea Party fanatic, though he can't exactly claim the latter without angering many of the conservative base in Alaska.

So what's the reaction been on his Facebook page? Join me below and let's take a look.


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Here is my absolute favorite comment because it gets right to the heart of the matter:

I am not happy to see you were part of the passing vote to re-open the govt. I had initially supported you and your stance to do what was right, but you took the easy way out and caved with the rest of the spineless "leaders". I will be voting for the other guy, no matter what his political party in hopes they will do a better job.
Here we have it - conservative anger at its best. This guy was hoping for default; he actually saw it as a viable manner of reducing our deficit spending. This is a common thread throughout the comments on Young's Facebook page. But what makes this comment unique is the threat to vote for anybody else - not just a conservative. Anybody. The people of Alaska are angry and the conservative vote is often the most vocal - you know that. It's the same in many states with a heavy rural population.

At this moment in time, there is only one other candidate running against Don Young. That man is Matt Moore. He's been working to get his name out there and Alaskans have been writing about him here at DailyKos. Matt Moore proudly claims the connection, by the way, and advertises the piece on his website.

His website is a great beginning but it's obvious his campaign could use an influx of funds... money allows you to hire folks who can beef up the twitter account (last updated 2 Oct!), the facebook account, the website... all those ways that today's candidates get their message out there. For some reason, he has no ActBlue page but you can donate through his website or this direct link.

This is a unique opportunity in Alaska. Democrats don't often win in this state and when they do, it's because the political climate worked against the Republican who was running. It's a time to take advantage and push Matt Moore's name out into the broader political conversation. It's time to make Don Young acknowledge that he even has a candidate running against him.

Now, we may not win all of the votes of the people that left comments like this:

I appreciate your update, sir. I would hope you are going to work on passing a budget and get some of the House's power back. I don't understand why bills can't stand alone and have to be lumped with -- i.e., the AFA. It's not right!!! It would be so much easier to legislate one standalone bill...it will be interesting to see what the next debt ceiling issue in February (?) bill brings to us. Frankly, I'm sick of it, as is most every other American. I want a budget and reductions made -- like any budget, not fund giveaways to other countries, as a start. The buck stops at home, ya' know?
You too huh? Feckless.
Looks like Don will need to be voted out too...

I didn't bother to post a "don't vote yes to raise the debt limit and fund Obamacare" comment today because I though it was a no-brainer...guess I was proved right.
This is THE issue that voters were watching. All 3 of Alaska's congressional delegates have failed us. It's time to ignore all of you and turn to our state government to nullify DC. NullifyNow.com Tenth Amendment Center
Shame shame caved so sad mr young
This is like a comedy show. Who needs TV when there are so many racists and tea baggers without muzzles?
I'd be embarrassed if I were professionally involved with 18 Shutdowns as a public official.
WTF Donald ? You have out lived your usefulness to Alaskans in general you are now a spineless jellyfish ! Take your lavish retirement & perks & stay in DC you haven't been an Alaskan for some time now .
I am ashamed of you . I will be voting for the hardest conservative to lead us all three of you have to go!
I'm very disappointed and will not support or vote for Mr. Young in the future!
Thanks for selling us out.....you're time in congress needs to be over
excuse me. more voting WITH the dems please. they at least put the country first over party bs
The affordable care act is the law of the land. It is constitutional and it is the right thing to do morally and economically. And anyone who voted to shut down the government after repealing the law failed 30 times needs publicly embarrassed.
You think your spin and excuses matter. You betrayed the very people who sent you there to represent them. Enjoy your last term coward.
You caved along with the Cantor, Boehner and the rest. I will make sure to advocate so that you lose your job! Cowards buckle under pressure. Very sad day.
Copout! You have lost my vote. Obamacare has got to go and Obama needs to be Impeached and imprisoned.
"For congress to function again“ what world do you live on. That's the problem, congress is dysfunctional. Congress hasn't functioned properly for years, hence your being there for 18 shutdowns.

The only way congress will function again, is when congress starts acting for the people instead of for themselves. Maybe if you had to live by the same rules as the rest of us you'd see that.

You sir are a coward. The American people are not interested in leaving our children and future generations with $17 trillion in debt. Now there will be even more debt for our children.
Bipartisan legislation!? I think not..the Republicans caved again and I am sick and tired of getting steam rolled over every time something comes up where the Democrats are throwing a fit to get their way! If young kids acted like this and their parents let them have their way all of the time can you imagine how much more screwed up our country would be with our youth!? The Democrats are spoiled little brats and need a parent to say NO to them. A good share of the Republicans I have seen so far are either RINO's or Wimps! No back bone when Americans are depending on them to fight for us they slough off and then cave on us! That's not what I consider bipartisan!! Our freedoms are being ripped right out from under us all the while Congress enjoys all of theirs. I bet all of Congress will enjoy keeping their own Insurance companies and plans and Dr's too while We the People will be targeted with debt, high cost, and less quality of health care besides the fact of those who can not afford to buy it that will be penalized because they have no money to buy it with!! That makes real sense! Punish a guy by fining him because he is not rich enough to pay for something the government wants to shove down his throat!! WOW!! And this is America!?
If you have been part of 18 shut downs then I don't think you are the solution
You sir have lost my vote, along with our senators. You can try to make fiscal conservatives, libertarians, and tea party members feel guilty all you want, but you can not argue with 17 trillion dollars. Borrowing money to pay off the money you owe is madness; and you should be ashamed of yourself to willfully allow it to continue one more day. You are selling our once great country down the river. You do not represent your constituents or common sense.
Patrick Ryan you stated exactly what I was going to write. This so-called "Congressman" Don Young needs to be fired come 2014 because he is a portion of the problems in Washington D.C. (District of Corruption).

Mitch McConnell sold his soul for $2 billion. What was your price?

Being in office for 40 years is the biggest part of the problem... you!
All this statement proves to me is that you're trying to save face...
You all try to spin what we already know, and that is that you've failed as a leaders, failed as legislators, and worst of all for you, failed as a politicians...We aren't buying this BS anymore!
It literally turns my stomach to see the elitist elected leaders systematically dismantle this great country for personal gain. How dare you borrow another penny of "our" money!
Republican or democrat, this country's voters are watching.
Shame on all of you!
But we sure as hell can win some of them.

After 40 years, it's time for a change... please help spread the word about Matt Moore. Make his name a common one in the political conversation in the next few days. Share his website, follow him on twitter, like him on facebook, and please consider donating to his campaign.

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