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This genius was on last week's Real Time with Bill Maher, so don't yell at me. Couldn't get the video until now. And even now their embed code sux - but check it our anyway.

(The show is rerunning just now, so you can pretend you're seeing it live!)

They were discussing the shutdown, the economy, the debt, etc........when Carol Roth, a former investment banker and current CNBC contributor put one of her $1,000 Guccis in her mouth with one of the most incredibly ignorant statements on the National Debt to be heard during this crazy time.

Did I mention she was an investment banker? Sheesh, with experts like this spreading ignorance at will it's no wonder Obama can't make enough headway on our nation's economic problems....


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CNBC was Fox News before Fox News was Fox News, so it's no surprise that these kind of reactionary, ignorant fools, head to TV after earning making several bank accounts' full of cash off their mostly unknowing clients: it's even easier money to do the same thing on TV for an hour or two a day!

So as Maher and Matthews and crew discuss the debt, and debt deniers, when out of Roth's mouth comes this most ridiculous of statements - which she insisted of talking over Chris Matthews to make!

October 11, 2013 Clip: Debt Denial
Starting about 1:20 in the clip....
Matthews: How do you calculate the economic impact of a default? He says (Steve King, R-IA) "I raised a family."  How do you talk to this horse sense?

Maher: Because the kitchen table, Chris, is just as good as economics class.

Carol Roth: It's rampant, though, throughout congress, and everybody who's talking about the debt ceiling is missing the bigger issue which is that we have this general debt crisis.

Matthews: (groans). Maher: (laughs)

Carol Roth: Why are you making the ohhhhh sound?

Matthews: Because that's not the issue we're facing now. We are faced with the decisions before us.....

Carol Roth: (interrupts Chris) No. No. No, no, no.

Matthews: Do we default?

Carol Roth: We don't default because we have plenty of money to service our debt coming in. (This is the "pick and choose" option deniers like, as if we can pick and choose among the millions of bills paid by Treasury on a daily basis. -ed.)

Matthews: She's a debt denier.

And there Matthews nails it. There is more foolishness coming from this expert's mouth.  Maher's response, and Oliver Stone's look, would have shut up any other fool.

But they couldn't, and she kept going. Carol Roth is just another debt denier who's on CNBC spouting this garbage every day.

An expert!

An investment banker!

Who doesn't know her ass from a hole in our economy.............for shame CNBC, for shame!

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