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I have a B.S. in Journalism. Sarah Palin has a B.S. in Journalism.Granted she is a lovely lady to look at and me...........
Only Sarah could have A PAC that collected over 5 million dollars in 2011. She gave candidates less than $300,000 out of all that money. The rest went to consultants,stamps, and well,stuff.
Her PAC has collected less in 2012 but she is back telling lies on Fox. She rambled for 10 minuets the other night and I heard all lies. The problem for us is her audience loves her. Her average donation is less than $200.00
People who love her ONLY watch Fox. Her $75,000 fee  (only in cash) is well known. She is getting ready to run for Senate in 2014 from Alaska. I am betting right now she is saying that to get her PAC account full with cash. At the last moment she will say God wants he to not run and go around the Country and spread the word instead.
Stupid people on the Right will eat that up.
In New Jersey Last week,she drew 4000 people to see her. Don"t tell me she won"t get folks to give money to her PAC from that event. She is a good speaker who common folk relate to. It"s sad she is running this con on people who may not be able to afford
giving money to her.
In red states she might help candidates get elected,I don"t follow her schedule.
I am not aware of anyone that her influence made the difference in an election.I am not aware of any plan or new idea she has that can help our Country. She must think
our President is running again. Why else would she spend so much time trashing him?
We need to challenge the folks we all know on the right to stop trash talking the ACA
and everything Obama.
I know more about world events than Sarah and I am not qualified to ask for a penny to hear me speak, What makes her such a great American? Her son is! he served.
You listen to her and you think the Military needs her to survive.
Well I should laugh at the stupid people who give her money. Why am I so sad?
"We wish you sunshine on
your path and storms to
season your journey. We
wish you peace in the world
in which you live and in the
smallest corner of the
heart where truth is kept.....
More we cannot wish you
except perhaps love to
make all the rest worthwhile."
_Robert A. ward


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