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The Backyard Science group regularly features the Daily Bucket. Some of us  carefully document the year-to-year changes in our own back yards.  Some of us capture breathtaking pictures of elusive wildlife. Some of us provide close-up photos of vividly colored spiders.  I take blurred pictures of where that pretty bird was a second ago, and obsess about killdeer, and squirrels, although I'm trying to focus on ducks.

 Any natural subject; moons, meteors, or slugs,  is appropriate for a Bucket or a comment for a Bucket.  Having a dry October?  Wondering where the wasps or butterflies are this autumn?  Are the changing leaves of Fall so pretty you want to fall down? Please provide a comment about your natural area, especially your backyard. Include, as close as you are comfortable, the general site of your location. /blockquote>


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If this Bucket is posted, it means Midnight PDT rolled around, and I thought a bucketful of whimsy would be better than an empty Bucket, and I have a few critter pictures to post.

I haven't got to see a badger in the wild for over 40 years, so here's Beth Van Hoeson's poignant painting of one, currently displayed at San Francisco's Legion of Honor, as are all of the pictures in this Bucket  (The Legion was also the site of a scene in the movie Vertigo).   Ms. Hoeson painted many intriguing pictures of animals.  There's even a book titled "The Art of Seeing Animals" about her work. She worked and lived in San Francisco before dying in 2010.

I yukked it up at the following picture. Or, as they say these days, LMFAO.
This 19th Century painting, by Charles-FranAois Daubigny, is called "The Celebration of the Fish on the Departure of the Ship's Boy," and follows a similar work titled "The Ship Boy (Successfully) Fishing."

I shamelessly pursue recc's, and I noticed turtles are popular.  So here's an image from Wes Wilson. Heinrich Kley, a German artist, produced the drawings that inspired both this poster and the movie Fantasia.
Ken Price and Ed Ruscha, who are both in their 70s, crafted the following art, titled "Frog and Flies."
I'm done being silly for the moment, so please step up and write a more-sober comment about your own surroundings, or not.

"Green Diary Rescue" is Back!

After a hiatus of over 1 1/2 years, Meteor Blades has revived his excellent series.  As MB explained, this weekly diary is a "round-up with excerpts and links... of the hard work so many Kossacks put into bringing matters of environmental concern to the community... I'll be starting out with some commentary of my own on an issue related to the environment, a word I take in its broadest meaning."

"Green Diary Rescue" will be posted every Saturday at 1:00 pm Pacific Time on the Daily Kos front page.  Be sure to recommend and comment in the diary.

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