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Standard advertisement: Wreck List is the Daily Kos World of Warcraft guild. We are Horde-side on the Garrosh server. To join, read this diary and visit the Guild web site to put in an application. Yes, you have to be Horde. No, you don't have to be hardcore - casuals, PvPers, and people that just want to hang out on guild chat are all welcome.
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You may have heard about Blizzard's new game in the World of Warcraft milieu, a virtual card game called Hearthstone.  You can sign up for the public beta at the link.

Here's a link to the game's FAQ to get some more information. Basically, it's a strategy card game similar to Magic: The Gathering where you have a deck of spells, creatures, and effects and you play against some other poor fool or lore figure with a similar deck to see whose is better.

My understanding is, at this point, the decks are premade and you can buy booster packs to customize the decks, and you get to keep the cards you buy when the game goes live. My Magic: the Gathering experience leads me to wonder how they're going to deal with the player we called Mister Suitcase - the player who is willing and able to throw money at the game in order to win.

With that, here's the weekly raid reports.  First we have Pamena with the Team RubiPam report:

Team RubiPam report:

We had a great week this week in Team RP - we came very close on Galakras last Thursday night - the nerfing of the waves of soldiers and named NPC's that precede the dragon coming down to earth made it noticeably easier, but we were still struggling with the dance on the last phase. Pamena is in shadow dps for this one, so it's a lot of pressure on our two great healers Rubi and Bemused. On Monday night, we went in there once again grimly determined, and after a few more wipes, Rubi and Bemused (according to Rubi afterwards) got the rhythm of their healing cd's down just right, and boom! Dead Drake!!! Very satisfying! So, after a brief break, we went on to try Iron Juggernaut, the big scorpion with lazer beams - Team K had told us this was really an easier fight than Galakras, and they were absolutely right. The only real mechanic of consequence is "don't stand in bad" - we mastered that after one wipe, and two shot the encounter. It was 10:30 at that point, and Rubi decided to call it while we were ahead, rather than spend the next half hour wiping on Dark Shaman trash. However, we will be back to THOSE guys on Thursday I think, unless we decide to go back and farm the first wing. Salute to the whole team, and a special shout out to Shriker who has joined us on a permanent basis - we are so glad to have him with us!

I am very proud of our group - if we were a separate guild, we would be 10th on the server in raid progression - Team K is 7th now I believe, so I think that is pretty damned good for a guild that does not recruit raiders and does not bring in pugs on our raids. Go Teams Wreck List!

Here's Pamena continuing with the Saturday Night Massacre and Flex Raid report:
Sat Night Massacres and Flexes Galore!

I again had another commitment this past Saturday, so Tvath very kindly organized SNM which I believe was a successful LFR, but hopefully she will report on that. This coming Saturday, we will do the 4th wing of LFR that opened this week - I personally have not been in a huge hurry to see the end of Garrosh, as I don't want to get sick of this tier, the way I did with Dragon Soul, before the next expansion drops which I have to believe won't be before March at the very earliest. But most people are dying to get in there, so we'll try a 4th wing LFR, assuming we have enough people who are eligible for it and who have not already done it this week.

In the future, I really want to schedule an event Nina has a great idea for - a naked race through Kara (well, naked as in "in our undies"), with teams competing to see who can finish the fastest. I hope she can develop the details on that and we'll put it on the calendar soon.

I am trying to develop an event around an idea I had as well, sort of preparation for the next expac which many people think is going see the return of the Burning Legion in some form. I am a Wrath baby, as are many people in the guild now (Wrath and later), and so I never did the vanilla and BC content at level, and I'm not too familiar with the storyline through the years. So I am trying to come up with a SNM event, maybe over 2 weeks or something, to take us through the story of WOW from the beginning, or at least from the end of Vanilla through Dragon Soul, with a combination of doing the older raids while somehow learning the story as we go. I haven't really figured out how to do this yet, but if anyone else thinks it's a good idea and has suggestions on how we might combine the lore and the raids, I would love to hear them.

Finally, several people are trying to get additional flex raids going on a more regular basis - Tvath and Jantuk have put a flex for 2nd wing of SoO on the calendar for 5PM on Sunday, and Brumal is organizing a late night "West Coast flex raid", for which he has a poll up at the web site to see what time and day would work best for our left coast and stay up late folks. I am so happy that people are organizing these and I hope everyone who has wanted to get in on a flex raid but hasn't been able to do Nina's (or who just want to do more flexing) can join in the fun.

I didn't get to level up to Kara to raid it in my first guild. I'd like to see it sometime.

Finally, here's the Team Kaels report from Ninotchka:

Here's mine:

Team Kaels and Nina’s Flex-o-rama are at the same progression point in the Siege of Orgrimmar. I didn’t plan it that way, but it’s rather nice to get practice in one mode for working on the other.

Team Kaels spend much of our raid time a week ago Wednesday working on Malkorok, and it was looking (from my perspective) like we had a long way to go. We were barely getting to the second phase and I was not at all confident about it. Well, a good night’s sleep works wonders and we went in last Friday night and one-shot the encounter. Riding on a high, we marched up to the Spoils of Pandaria and proceeded to wipe on it repeatedly. We broke for the night at the point where we were within seconds of finishing the fight, however, so I have high hopes for this coming Friday’s raid.

I put a voting thread on the forums for Nina’s flex-o-rama to talk about what content we should do next, and overwhelmingly everyone wanted to progress through wing 3. Although there is a surprising amount of support for the ‘naked race through Karazhan’ option. Anyhow, we smashed through Malkorok quite handily, then got into difficulties with the enrage timer on Spoils. We were within about 1 million hit points of defeating it on our last pull when the enrage timer went off, so another week and a reset worth of gear make this very achievable. Unless the raid convinces me to skip forward to Blackfuse/Klaaxi/Garrosh. Because, Garrosh.

Gratz on Malkorok, Team Kaels! And that's all I have this week - for the Horde!
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