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Extortion Politics and the Federal Shutdown

Normally, it wouldn't be possible to highjack an entire nation like Somali pirates grabbing a fishing boat. Countries are kind of big things. And, where do you throw the grabbling hooks?

Well, nation hijacking is solved by a little group of 49 legislators who take their orders from a single Lobbyist.

Capt'€™n Lobbyist if ya please. Arrrr, Capt'€™n Lobbyist Grover Norquist.€
Strangely, Michele Bachman serves as first mate. She isn'™t exactly Smee smart, either. Heck, she isn’t any kind of smart. But, this is just the kind of blank slate that pirate scum need.

No scruples and no brains desired.

And Cap'€™n Norquist got twice as much as he bargain for with Michele Bachman and the band of Tea Party Caucus*

*real name. Also, I love the caucus-ian part of that little group. Kind of Freudian of them. (sub-text Tea Party Caucasians. Cute.)

Michele Bachmann admits she €˜doesn'€™t understand it all€™ but it doesn't stop her from having an agenda bigger than it all.

I can'€™t believe she actually likes this blank slate€™ photo, and uses it as an official image. This makes writing satire almost too easy. I should blush at not having to use any Photoshop to master her absolute gaze of ignorant unknowing. But, this is her. And she actually LIKES this picture.

Tea Party Caucus€“ well, it'€™s a juvenile website with 4 pages of information. One of those pages is a link to the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, although these politicians demonstrate absolute ignorance of any of the text. They just hold the idea of those documents sacred; not the messy application of freedom for everybody.

Anyway, I know some 8 year-olds with more advanced WordPress blogs on Lego construction then the Tea Party Caucus website has for national governance. Go ahead and look, maybe they will improve the website after my little book. God knows they have the money for it:


Yet, these simpletons lead by Michele Bachmann?!?“ are gonna dang straight teach the nation sumthin€™.

Really, how in the green earth, does Michele Bachmann get to run anything. She is not bright enough to arrange a community garage sale (my apologies to community garage sales everywhere).

The answer is the simple-minded control of a simple-minded, but mean-spirited lobbyist –– Mr. Grover Norquist.

Yes, a lobbyist is in charge of a nation. He is in-charge because he bought 49 ignorant Senators and Representatives breakfast. The breakfast part isn'€™t satire, nor, an exaggeration.

This motley crew of Tea Party thugs sold out the nation because of breakfasting with Grover Norquist.

More on this later.

-Stephen Paul West


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Fri Oct 25, 2013 at  9:47 AM PT: Well, I know Bachman, Cruz and Norquist have a little snit going on. Their narcissistic personalities don't share the spotlight well. However, both Cruz and Bachmann already signed the Norquist pledge. Yanno... that 'enemy of my enemy is my friend' nepotism in the GOP.

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