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You have to know by now that Bush and Cheney lied to get us into Iraq. Intelligence people were furious as they watched Bush tell lie after lie to justify the invasion of Iraq. Bush lied to Congress and he lied to the American people. Osama bin Laden hated Saddam
Hussein. He thought he was an infidel. That is something you don"t want to be in that part of the world. 9-11-2001 bad guys were no where near Iraq and the Intelligence folks
knew it. The president of France commented our mission must have changed to simply catching bad guys. We were going to be very busy he said.
Young men and Women signed up by the thousands to avenge 9-11-2001. What they got to do was "nation build" Iraq because Osama was miles away. We killed lots of people but they were no threat to us.
Soon it was obvious we had to call in the National Guard. That was cruel. We used to call them "weekend warriors". These folks had full time jobs and families that were trashed because of a dam lie.
I served two years in Vietnam and still suffer from Agent Orange and an inability to get
close to anyone say the Women in my life.
The soldiers were forced to go back and back six or seven times. I have met a few a few of them and its going to take years of therapy for them to be somewhat normal.
The divorce rate is staggering among soldiers serving multiple tours.
Finally our president had our nations finest among finest:Navy Seals. They with solid help from the C.I.A. killed the mastermind behind 9-11-2001. It is incredulous to me
our nation allowed Bush to stay in Iraq as long as he did.
Afghanistan has taken over 2,000 lives and more each month. How many lives could have been saved if Bush would have not kidded around about no weapons in Iraq but immediately sent most of our troops to get Osama like he promised?
Trillions have been spent there. Cheney is richer because he has stock in companies
that work there.
One of our soldiers just killed 17 civillians and must spend the rest of his life in prison.
He had served 7 times and the Army had to have known he is messed up. The soldier still should be in prison but someday he should have parole.
When a leader lies,thousands die,lives are ruined trillions come out of our broke treasury.
That leader can not be allowed to slip away into a nice tax payer paid for retirement
Our dead young Men and Women deserve better.
George Bush is a War criminal. Dick Cheney is a war criminal.


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