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If you don't live in or near Wisconsin you can still help today. This story needs much wider national exposure.

Scott (I take calls from the Koch brothers only) Walker is often trotted out as one of the leading teabaggers drooling over the Presidency.  As Walker gallops around the country shilling his new book, people outside the Midwest need to know what a sleeze he and his administration continue to be so that he can be confronted with questions on the latest scandals.

Thanks to the ever-diligent hard work of Wisconsin dKOS blogger Puddytat, I was (and all dKOS readers were) able to again be way out in front of the traditional news media.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal broke the story on Monday, October 21, 2013, with the following headline: Secret probe spreads to five Wisconsin counties - Possible violations during recall elections among issues.  Puddytat had it here within hours.

On Tuesday Puddytat gave us this: Scott Walker Refusing to Talk About Newly Revealled John Doe Probe but no one seemed to notice.

dKOS bolgger cordwood22 has also posted a series on Walker’s Wisconsin – Now playing John Doe Act 2, and Act 2 Scene 2, and Act 2 Scene 3.

Thursday brought this from Puddytat: Latest Polls Should Scare Scott Walker and Ron Johnson

So what is happening on the national level?  Not much as you can see below the magic squiggle.


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This story has had good, but VERY LIMITED exposure nationwide.

The San Francisco Chronicle, of all places, covered the story on Tuesday: Walker declines comment on new criminal probe.

The Daily Beast covered it on Wednesday with Scott Walker Investigated in Secret Wisconsin Probe.

Forbes picked up the story on Thursday: Special Prosecutor Named In Investigation Of Possible Criminal Activity Surrounding Scott Walker Recall Election, noting

Just when Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker thought it was safe to come out and play, we learn that yet another John Doe investigation is underway into possible criminal campaign violations tied to last year’s effort to recall Walker and his Lt. Gov., Rebecca Kleefisch...

According to sources, the new John Doe effort—which is reported to have quietly begun in February of 2012—is focused on potential criminal activity involving campaign law violations occurring after Walker’s 2010 election to the Wisconsin statehouse while the earlier John Doe dealt with issues arising during Walker’s time as Milwaukee County Executive.

The new investigation is said to be gathering considerable steam and is now being pursued in at least five Wisconsin counties...

Good stuff, but no one else seems to be noticing.

Yet where is MSNBC?  Where is Ed Schultz who was on the original WalkerGate scandals like a bear on honey?

Hopefully we can do more with this one.

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Originally posted to Eman on Fri Oct 25, 2013 at 01:09 PM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive.


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