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Good Morning all y'all.. Welcome to KosKraft, Issue 24.
 This Group is for all those creative kossack artisans, plying away at their benches. If you make things, please join, and maybe give us a look at your work.
After the pretzel stick.


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Once more, into the breach...

 My point and shoot finally wicked pissed me off, and I ran down the road, to the store (a 45 minute run, one way, at 70mph is down the road apiece for me). I went into hock up to my eyeballs, and bought a real camera, a Nikon d3200 dslr. It's at the bottom of their dslr line, but it's still a doozy to me. I plan to make up some brochures, and maybe even make a few videos, but it has a learning curve that will take me awhile to get over. It takes a very decent picture in Auto mode, but Manual is where I'm forcing myself to stay. Fstop, shutter, ISO, oh, my.

Just worked on the usual stuff this week. Belts, holsters, credit card wallets, Amp handles, all keep me off the street, and in the shop, but I still need challenges to make me really get the "feelies".
 This week coming has a challenge. Someone wrote me their SO uses an oxygen tank, and is unconfident walking in public with it. The bag, it is usually carried in, looks like a medical device bag. My job will be to make a good looking bag that doesn't look like that . Challenge accepted.
 Hopefully, next week, there will be pictures, and not of my thumbs or shoetips, either, if this old curmudgeon can still learn...

 Judging by the KosKatalog, there are quite a few kossacks who ply an artistic trade. Koskraft falls somewhere in the Diary genre of the katalog, and waywo. This isn't a place for sales, or even what you make, but more about Zen of it all. I sure do hope some of my writings get that message across, and that we get other writers to jump into the fray.  

Well, that's all for now.
All Kossack Artisans are welcome to join the group, just send me a PM.
In the meantime, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the KosKatalog. They do yeoman's work in there, and it's about as business close to supporting "local" as you can get on the inter tubes.

Another crafty place to hang around...

my links:
Rocky River Leather Co.

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