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I make no claim to be a writer. I am a hacker learning to be a writer. Yesterday when I said Bush and Cheney are war criminals I thought more than 10 folks would say I am full of shit or I am right. At least the "Daily Kos" lets me practice here. 99.9% of America don"t care anymore about the longest war in our nations history. One half of one percent of our Country are or were in the war. Unless you know someone,admit it, you don "t really give a shit.
I want you to meet "Ted" he is back from the "sandbox" as the war is called. He is 26 and divorced. He served four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.The VA did manage to find him a room to wait 3 months for care in the Mental Health Ward. He has tried for Voc.Rehab and that takes 3 months or more to get help finding a job.
This is a true story because he did landscaping work for my best friend. He was funny and proud to do his part for our Country.
He has P.T.S.D. anger, fear and a distant stare every time I meet him. He never makes eye contact. People are afraid of him.
I meet him to help get him working. It will be sometime in 2015 before he sees if the Veterans Administration will give him money for benefits. Ted loved a lady who gave up on him when he was called back the 4th time to war.
I ask him point blank if he is thinking of suicide. 'No pity from me Ted, I say lets get your life back in gear!" He says no he he is not going to kill himself, he just wants to be left alone. Most of his days are spent on a park bench, I can"t describe the amount of pain in this man. I thought I was numb, he is a zombie. I am his mentor and will get him into a Veterans hospital for long term care.I wont quit until he is safe.
In the Seattle area alone,there are hundreds of "Teds".
Some will kill themselves or others. Many are a walking time bomb walking towards you.
Even the Veterans who came back "fine" after serving many tours may find years later
a big problem. I never asked for help until I was well past forty. I was a drunk before.
Bush and Cheney went beyond letting your Americans die. They and Obama have wrecked thousands of lives. Actions mean something. Ask you Senator for more money for Veterans outreach. Write Obama and urge him to make the VA digital,
like most large corporations are.
Pretend "Ted" is your brother. He gave our Country 4 years so we could be safe. What would you want for him?


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