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[Cross-posted at The Left Coaster.]

Even though the 2014 national midterm elections have yet to warm up political junkies, Party leadership and very interested wealthy benefactors of the status quo are earnestly looking and thinking about the 2016 Presidential election. Nothing new for those ensnared and heavily invested in politics, but this cycle has a special feel three years out because of one very special candidate, Hillary Clinton.

President Hillary Clinton, excuse me. Now in my 10th federal election observation evolution I have never seen a candidate with such a complete double-lock of victory, both in the Party nomination and the election itself, her history and utter shambles of the Republican Party put her in a unique position of smashing wins in both 2016 cycles, should she choose to run.


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Extraordinary in a historical context, there’s a very strong pattern of Party turnover in modern American presidential elections, one Party gets two terms for eight years and odds are very good the opposition Party wins the next.  Not a complete lock, of course not, George Bush and Al Gore have done it in the last 50 years.

Extraordinarily fascinating from a human soul perspective too, what must it be like to look out over the capitol and country with a vista of Presidential leadership three years out from the term? Such potential power, such a chance at overwhelming change right there for the taking with a minimally competent campaign.

Doubt me? Heh.  Take a look at the Republican candidate field, they have no one.  They have no policies to build a future on, nothing, while their demographic profile grows more horrifying to them by the day, angry white Americans cannot win national elections anymore and Republicans only know how to alienate everyone else.

Anyway, in theory such a smasher candidate could earnestly start to run next year, seriously, pick the broadest issue base possible without offending the Party president (wages, employment, peace, happy sexy times, the usual liberal buffet) and run for Congressional candidates. My presidency will be here in two years, I will need a much better Congress when it starts, help the campaign and Party now.  The Republicans would certainly freak out and of course it would work, the United States is desperate for change.

One would think such vast vistas of Democratic victory would have the Party base excited for 2016, but for little people liberals like myself a Hillary Clinton presidency elicits a depressingly familiar reaction to Democratic Party politics: oh shit.

Let’s make one thing adamantly clear, the Obama presidency didn’t rescue the American economy at all, Wall Street banks and institutions got bailed out while the labor market was and is left blasted into shambles.  It still boggles my mind what the Fed has become, all my life it was a super-staid hulking institution of geeky monetary moves and serious modern economy donkeywork, now it’s an incredibly huge market player in all kinds of financial markets, trillions of dollars have moved so rich crooks can get richer.

There’s nothing at all in a Hillary Clinton historical and political profile that would indicate she’s outraged by this, any little person with any political perspective instantly retches with a righteous puke about it but, alas, Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of careful embracement of status quo.

The United States desperately needs a national 2016 candidate who first, above all, embraces the labor market and precisely fixes it.  Wages have been smashed, millions of careers lost or shortened and oh my god what we have inflicted on our young people.  The financial markets got bailed out, how the fuck is it possible with hundreds of millions of American lives on the line that the labor market was ignored?

I’m sorry, if you’ve got an answer but aren’t outraged no one gives a damn about the lousy failure. The Obama administration whines the Republicans stop them, but the little people always notice they never put up a fight about it, the minimum wage vote loss this year was quiet, wimpy, and frankly a god damn disgrace of limp-dick political failure. Maybe if the President weren’t trading away Social Security cuts as a political priority a fight for the little people could be taken on, but, you know, Syria.

If Hillary Clinton cannot recognize a huge liberal 2017 fight is on for big federal stimulus to give American workers a life then please go pick flowers, look after the grandchildren, write a book, anything but pretend you care about American workers and the country.

Our labor market has to get fixed, you’ll have to be a liberal to do it. There’s a huge urgent list after that to work on, of course, but if you can’t recognize the screaming urgency for workers America and the little people desperately need someone competent to run.  Anyone who runs without fixing the labor market is truly an incompetent Democratic politician, another four years of flaccid centrism will be an utter disaster for the United States.

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